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To: Spanish Justice System

Justice for Scotsman William Aitken

Person/s being convicted or held without proper evidence.

Proper procedures should be followed strictly and conflicting evidence should not be submitted as fact.

People deserve the justice system to be fair and follow their own procedures to come to the correct decision for each case.

Why is this important?

A good friend of mine has recently been sentenced to 5 years for attending a protest for the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasélin.

They claim that he took part in the protest by damaging property, assault and aggravating circumstances when no police officer was injured, no damage to any vehicle or equipment and no stone or object that is known to have been thrown. Plus the two police officers that made statements against William didnt match up.

So please, it would be greatly appreciated if you could sign this petition and possibly help share this story to raise awareness so injustice can be averted in future cases.




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