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To: Bill Lee, Marsha Blackburn, Randy McNally, Bill Hagerty, Indya Kincannon, Cameron Sexton, Paul Noel, Edson Brock, Jonathan Skrmetti, Charme P. Allen, Jim Vandersteeg

Justice For Lisa Edwards

We want justice for Lisa Edwards! Lisa was physically disabled and was in the care and custody of Knoxville Police Department when she became unresponsive. KPD refused to get her the medical attention she desperately and clearly needed, after pleading and begging for it repeatedly. It is very clear by the body cams of the officers, Lisa was in respiratory distress and had strong signs of a stroke. She had slurred speech, paralysis on the left side of her body, and release of bodily fluids. She told KPD repeatedly that she had a stroke, couldn’t walk, and couldn’t breathe. After being mocked, laughed at, ridiculed, degraded, berated, taunted, cursed at, tortured, etc., KPD failed their duty to protect and serve. Ultimately, because of negligence from KPD and Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, Lisa died. We want Justice! We want the four KPD officers (Sgt. Brandon Wardlaw, Officer Adam Barnett, Officer Timothy Distasio, and Transportation Officer Danny Dugan) held accountable for their actions. We want the medical staff, including security, at Fort Sanders Medical Center held accountable for their actions. We also want policies and procedures changed, put into action, and enforced by all parties responsible for these hideous and horrific acts of negligence.

Why is this important?

The family, friends, community, and country of Lisa Edwards deserve justice!


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Here is the body cam video KPD released.

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