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To: Friends of Antoine Johnson

Justice for Antoine

On September 26, 2021 Courtney Curry, stole a Ford F-350 Truck and led police on a high speed chase. Curry drove from North County to downtown Saint Louis. The police backed off of the chase because a Rolling Stones concert had just ended.

Curry, ran a red light and hit the Mercedes SUV Antoine was a passenger in. The impact killed Antoine.

In a cowardly display, Courtney Curry, ran away from the vehicle wreck he caused.

He did not show any concern or remorse for his actions. He didn’t check on Antoine or his friends who were also injured in the wreck.

He ran away and was free to live his life for more than a year before being caught.

I was told and have not confirmed that the Curry was hiding out in a drug house that got raided. The police picked him up accidentally.

How he was caught matters very little. We want to see Curry punished to the maximum penalty under the law.

He knowingly committed a felony that took the life of our friend.

In my opinion, he deserves to die in prison.

Please, join me in letting Saint Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner, the assigned prosecutor, and the entire court system that we are watching closely.

Why is this important?

Antoine Johnson deserves Justice.

Courtney Curry, needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Letting him off easy would cause greater pain to Antoine’s friends and family who are still suffering from his loss.

Kim Gardner, please, stand up for Antoine, his friends and family who miss him every single day. Do your part and ensure Justice for Antoine is delivered!

How it will be delivered

Social media, email and text.

St. Louis, MO, USA

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