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To: Academic Faculties, Australian Universities

Iran's universities are under siege and you can help!

We are a group of former and current Iranian students from different Australian universities. We are sure you have heard of the current protests and conflicts in Iran following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini while in morality police custody. She was murdered brutally for showing a few strands of hair, and her death sparked ongoing national and international rage, putting the regime on the verge of a complete collapse.

Why is this important?

Wounded and more atrocious than ever, today, the regime opened fire on students at the campus of the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran. As a fellow student at x, I’m urgently concerned for the lives of my friends and colleagues who are currently trapped on campus by the regime’s armed forces.
Iranian students are being shot while peacefully protesting for their fundamental human rights. These students are unarmed with no internet access and no communication links outside of the school and the armed forces are currently raiding their dormitories and homes. Iranian citizens and the students’ families have gathered in the area to help stop further arrests and killings of these students.
We come to you with 2 requests:

Amplify their voices.
Please help us create awareness through all media outlets to end the live attack on the students of the Sharif University of Technology.

Save their future: admission support.
In the months ahead, Sharif students amongst other Iranian students will lose their rights to study and work in Iran. As we learned during previous protests, Iran's regime will not stop at violent treatment, imprisonment, and killing of students. Higher education students charged with religious or political convictions will be barred from studying and working in Iran's academic space indefinitely. We believe it is possible to change this narrative with your support. We request an urgent admission support program for students of targeted Iranian universities.

Below are the links to the media outlets that have covered the story:……

Sincerely yours


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