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To: Minister of Health of Canada

International Health Care Professionals should treated as an asset for Canada Health System

International health professionals should have access to practice under a supervision of Canadian pairs to help handling the health system shortage and contribute in releasing the pressure and solving many health issues as they expected to do before immigration.

Why is this important?

Pharmacists, physicians, nurses, Lab technicians, dentists that are internationally trained have the sufficient skills, competencies, experiences and knowledge to deal with different health issues in an efficient way. We aim to help Canadians to access to the right service in the right time frame with the right excellence that they deserve.
Give us a chance to serve our new communities by facilitating our access to health care positions we previously practiced with a supervision or as internship probation time. You will be amazed of what we can offer and how fast we integrate in the system. Give us a hope by facilitating our professional integration in the Canadian system. You will not regret and you will enjoy the added value impacted by this simple change on improving health services.


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