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To: Star Stable Entertainment

Increase Star Stable's Weekly SC to 200.

With the enormous amount of horses being released in SSO and the recent price change of the already expensive Star Coins & Star Rider, the weekly allowance of 100sc a week is simply no longer enough.
Considering the fact most items released nowadays cost 100sc (If not more) and some of these items also being time-limited, 100 SC a week makes it impossible to save up.

The player base has already complained about things getting too expensive for them to enjoy the game, make this change happen.
This could be a start to a better game and a happier community.

Why is this important?

The community has already been dealing with its own inflation (IRL) and for a lot of people, SSO is an escape from reality. However, due to the price of the game, the currency, and items/horses in-game, this is no longer an escape from reality.
Lots of people are stuck between wanting to leave the game because they cannot afford it, and being unable to leave because they've invested so much money into it.
This is mentally exhausting, and they feel forced to buy Star Coins again because of this loop they're in. Now for a company, this means success, but at what cost?



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2023-02-23 00:34:19 +0000

Star Stable Entertainment replied. Please check Instagram @rei.lioning for their response. Thank you!

2023-02-21 23:17:19 +0000

Petition has reached the HQ. Waiting for a response.

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