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To: IDE Administration/University senate


Year 4 IDE students doing their Teaching Practice demand that the University allows them to proceed with their Teaching Practice owing to the following reasons:
-Students are already into their fifth week of TP
-Students have already invested a lot, financially, physically and otherwise
-All Students were allowed to proceed with TP by IDE administration and were told that the rule (reg.305.22 (d)) will not affect them
-The said rule does not in a way affect IDE students as they take their lessons on weekends and may be able to attend TP on weekdays
-Last year final year students were allowed to do their Virtual Teaching Practices under similar circumstances
-The current situation was caused by the incompetence of the IDE administration and hence students should not be made to suffer

Why is this important?

The decision by the University does not only affect students financially but is also a prospective cause for humiliation at the various high schools that students are currently doing their TPs at. The said decision also disregards student's futures and was taken without considering all possible implications.

G8C4+9P8, Kwaluseni, Eswatini

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