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To: Federal Govt / State Government of Nigeria

Gross Pollution in Ndokwa LGA in Delta State caused by Failure to carry out Oil Spill clean-up

Since on 22nd of February 2022, i and my family have tried all routes to get attention of Govt. Regulating bodies, Min of Oil & Gas, as well as the Delta State House of Ass, however the matter kept on lingering due to the high connection power of the Oil Firm (SEEPCO by name) who has its exploration Oil fields in Delta State, and has repeatedly damned the Laws of Nigeria, Oil & Gas Monitoring/Regulatory bodies, by constantly disobeying issues as important as OIL SPILL CLEANUP. it is so sad now that the Oil Spill incident since Feb, 2022 caused by leakage from the Company's buried pipeline has not been properly maintained, No-cleanup done, No Remediation process planned, hence the call for international bodies to come help resuscitate our Climate/Ecosystem in general because the recent flood has helped in polluting the entire Ndokwa ground water and so we stand a great risk!!!

Why is this important?

As a result of the Company's negligence in carrying out an Oil Spill Clean-up, myself, family, community, as well as two LGA'S are presently prone to Polluted environment ( Ecosystem / Climate), hence a call for Rapid intervention

HG7J+532, kwale road, 322116, Abo, Nigeria

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