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To: Miami Seaquarium

Free Toki the orca after 52 years in captivity!

We call on you to responsibly release Toki back to the Salish Sea, where she can be reunited with her mother and pod of fellow southern resident orcas and live out the rest of her life in nature.

More than fifty years ago, whale hunters in Washington state rounded up more than 80 orcas using boats, explosives, nets, and sticks. They separated six baby whales from their parents that day and sold them to marine parks. Only one orca captured and sold that day is still living. That orca is Toki.

Why is this important?

Since 1970, Toki has lived in a pool at the Miami Seaquarium — the smallest orca enclosure on the continent — where she has performed for crowds until her retirement earlier this year.

Now there's a chance Toki could finally go home: join us and other activists calling on the Miami Seaquarium to release Toki back to the Pacific Northwest where she was born and where her mother, now in her 90s, still leads a pod of southern resident orcas.



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