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To: OU graduates 2022

Free ticket entitlement for OU graduation!

After 6 years of self-funded study, OU students should be entitled to at least 2 free tickets for their graduation ceremony!

The cost of living has rocketed yet some people are having to spend at least £50 to ensure two of their loved ones can see them graduate and be there to support them. This is before gown hire, transport and accommodation costs and the costs of photos.

For two years there has been no face-to-face tutorials and an increase in self-teaching. We should have some for of compensation as we have not been able to use all the support available due to the pandemic.

Why is this important?

This is a very special time to celebrate and for many families it is unaffordable for them, particular given the rise in cost of living.

The cost to study with the OU is not cheap, the offer of attending the ceremony worked hard towards should not come with a cost!

It is important to consider that most concrete universities offer two free tickets for graduates.


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