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To: NY Governor Kathy Hochul

Free Kassan Messiah

Kassan Messiah has spent over 28 years in prison accused of a robbery and murder that he didn’t commit. At the time the crime took place, Kassan was a professional heavyweight boxer with an undefeated record and was approached by ESPN to sign a contract at the upcoming match days before his arrest. In addition, Kassan was just starting a loving family. The sky was the limit and things were great. Kassan became the target of the investigation because a rental car in his name was stopped in Westchester, NY some days prior to the incident. Although Kassan wasn’t present during the traffic stop, the rental car agreement linked him as a person of interest. Given Kassan’s juvenile record, he immediately became the focus of the investigation. Kassan was derailed from a lucrative and fulfilling boxing career that he diligently worked toward and removed from the daily lives of his family. Through it all, Kassan remained positive and supportive. Kassan has been incarcerated over twenty eight years with this sentence but has spent the majority of his youth and adulthood incarcerated. Despite being incarcerated all of these years he remains humble, loving and shows genuine empathy for others. Kassan is a part of a demographic that this system was designed to fail. He grew up in the urban area of Newark, NJ during some of the toughest times our country has seen. Kassan has been stigmatized as one of the most irredeemable of people who have committed crimes - “ violent offenders.” Well, Kassan has proven to be just the opposite while enduring so much. He’s not only a husband and father; Kassan is a mentor, educator, trainer and friend too many and he’s loved by all. Please grant Kassan Messiah clemency so his journey of a successful reentry will begin. Kassan has a strong combination of family, friends and advocates supporting him to ensure his success. Thank you

Why is this important?

Kassan Messiah needs to know that he matters. He should be reunited with his family beyond the confines of a prison wall.

1220 Washington Ave #9, Albany, NY 12226, USA

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