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To: National Transport Authority and Bus Éireann

Fix the 226 and initiate the 228: Improved Public Transport from Kinsale to Cork

The people undersigned on the 226 bus route from Kinsale, Belgooly, Riverstick, Ballinabearna Cross, Five Mile Bridge, Cork Airport, Bull McCabes to the City, and alternative routes via Ballinhassig, MTU, CUH, UCC to the city demand the following:
A full double decker service running all day (from 7.30 am into the evening).
The 226 Service needs to increase in frequency to every half hour.
The 226a Service needs to be reinstated to the airport.
The terminus at Clontarf Street needs an urgent covered and sheltered bus stop or for the stop to be relocated back into the bus station.
Each stop on the 226 route needs a covered shelter.
A bus stop is needed in Ballinhassig to allow  the West Cork Connects 288 service to come into operation.
Commuters at all stops should be able to depend on a timely and frequent  bus service that will stop for them.

Why is this important?

The 226 bus route from Kinsale to Cork is the only bus service connecting one of Cork's principle tourist destinations and commuter towns to the city. The service is desperately failing its users, as there is too much demand for a service with a one hour frequency. The removal of the 226a dedicated bus service from the airport to the city during Covid has resulted in more people using the 226 as the main access to and from the airport. This is resulting in people being left behind in the rain at the Clontarf Street stop. The resulting full buses pass most stops in between without servicing them. University students as an example face 4 hour daily commutes if they are lucky enough to catch the bus. There is also no dedicated bus service that goes to the University's first and then the city. As a community who live in Kinsale, Belgooly, Riverstick, Ballygarvan, & Ballinhassig we are demanding frequent and dependable bus services to Cork and the Universities. Without your support we cannot place pressure on the decision-makers. This petition will be used to gain press coverage and illustrate user demand for improved services.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver this petition by email, and circulate the numbers in the press without peoples names.

Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland

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