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To: Melbourne holdings

Support our landlord Andy Simmons

Im starting this petition in support of my local landlord andy Simmons and also to save an excellent community pub. I am wanting you Melbourne holding to know what a huge mistake it would be to our community if they do not let the pub and the landlord stay. The ploughman Werrington is mine and a lot of others local . Andy Simmons (the present landlord) has fought over the years to keep it open and also all the money he has raised for charities. And also the fact that bringing the community together means everything to him. (He even had a community award amongst other awards)
Well unfortunately Andy Simmo was approached for rent increase from you last year and you gave the option for him to buy the pub. He then had had surveys etc done and then you withdrew the offer for him to buy in January and need to increase the rent. And basically forcing his hand to leave. Andy would like to try and sort this all out but you do not So Andy had told the locals that if tbings don’t get sorted you could be forcing his hand to leave. This is not only disappointing but also wording as it is thought your intention is to see to a local property business man and then the pub will be demolished. How can you think this be right way to do business when pubs are closing more and more often and causing a big hole in communities. And to have such a passionate landlord that just want to keep his local community together and happy.
If this injustice of forcing him out. I just want to fight to keep a brilliant landlord and an excellent local community pub open. I’m led to believe you are not returning any calls or correspondence and in the peterborough telegraph today (12/4/2023) that they have also contacted you for a response.
Please can you work with ANdy the landlord in a resolution to what’s going on by working with him not against him.

Why is this important?

The pub is a big community hub. Making the local community and everyone who visits welcome as friends and no one is a stranger. The beer festivals raises a lot of money for charities along with other events. Live music is also supported giving local bands to perform. Please sign this petition to keep the landlord and the pub open

1 Staniland Way, Werrington, Peterborough PE4 6NA, UK

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