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To: Cllr. Novina Pillay

Eersterust: No More Power Cuts!

Photo by Fré Sonneveld on Unsplash

The electrical substation feeding Eersterust experiences recurring trips when scheduled loadshedding ends -- resulting in the community of Eersterust being deprived of our basic right to have access to electricity. It also has a negative effect on our water supply, which is dependent on pumps driven by electricity.

Why is this important?

Our community is being deprived guaranteed access to crucial basic needs. This needs to end. Many people earn a living by working from home, which requires electricity and water supply.

Please sign this petition, and share it with everyone you know -- to demand from the authorities that the problem is fixed immediately, and our human right to electricity and water is respected.

Our voice becomes stronger with every signature!

How it will be delivered

Via Social Media...

Eersterust, Pretoria, 0022, South Africa

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