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To: Hon. President Ranil Wickramasinghe

Disavow newly proposed PAYE TAX changes and guarantee freedoms to live

To: The President, The Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and the hundreds of other assorted Ministers

Subject - Request to reject the brand-new tax enforcement

Sir, I write on behalf of the Professionals & Businessmen of Sri Lanka. We are not defrauding taxes. Objective is to save Taxes to get the bare basics for our families.

1. We buy Generators/Inverter/UPS/solar systems because the Govt. has failed to provide a reliable and affordable power supply.

2. We hire security guards and use CCTV because the Govt. has failed to ensure our safety (The politicians and their hangers on travel with armed escorts with our money)

3. We send our children to Private Schools because the Govt has failed to provide good schools (The school fees of the politicians' and officials' children are sponsored by obliging businessmen)

4. We go to private hospitals because the Govt. has failed to provide decent medical care. (The President's fund pays the full bill for Govt Ministers and their cronies to go to Singapore for treatment)

5. We buy and maintain cars because the Govt. has failed to provide decent public transportation.

What does the Tax Payer get in return on retirement, when he needs it most to survive? Nothing! Not even social security. His own EPF and ETF too is embezzled by the Govt. Throughout his lifetime, his earnings are used by the Government to give subsidies to the masses for buying votes. What else does the govt do with our tax money?

-Set up courts which give judgements as asked by the Govt.

-Operate police stations which work mainly for politicians

-Operate hospitals which fail to treat the needy

-Build roads and infrastructure to steal our money (40-100%).

-Provide security and facilities to incapable politicians and their families

-Facilitate bad political agendas and maintain political power

-Import unwanted food and other items to Sri Lanka (Support selected individuals who did support government election campaigns)

-Facilitate to the major projects. which don't have value to economy

and the list is endless...

If the SL Government too provided the above as done by the governments of civilized countries, why would anyone avoid or evade paying taxes? We all know that the entire tax revenue is misappropriated by officials and Politicians ( ref: billions of dollars are lying in foreign banks) . A Business works at a margin of between 2% to 10%, whereas the government takes 30% of his income to cover its wasteful expenditure. Is it at all fair? This phenomenon indicates the failure of the Government in discharging its own functions fairly and efficiently.

Further, maximum of the human beings have taken loans (big interest rates) to construct houses, schooling for kids,pay university chargers, health coverage, insurance and enterprise etc. After we pay interest and capital for those loans, very small sum of money left over for the daily expenditures. Today, we are maintaining this cash to pay water bill, power bill,gas, important meals items, transport, fuel, and medicinal drug etc. Due to the economic disaster and newly enforced taxes, charge of the all of the necessities have long gone up and as a percent it’s greater than 100%. If you put into effect any other taxes for our salaries, we can come upon to a scenario in which won’t be capable of cowl each day expenses. So, we consider this new tax concept won’t assist us to get better the country from economic disaster however identical will direct the country to worse. Hence, we'd truly desire to request to reject the brand-new tax enforcement and deny to vote to the act with-inside the parliament.

Finally... As of our observation, this monetary disaster has been commenced because of terrible monetary management, terrible political decisions, unplanned foreign debt, print money to pay employees' salaries,budget deficit,banned all fertilizer imports, foreign reserve scarcity, and corruption. new addition is Intolerable taxes. Still, we don’t see any fantastic moves were taken to correct the economic disaster and damage control. So, The Government is accountable for the bent toward to economic crisis and driving millions of people into poverty, jeopardizing their rights to health, education, and an adequate standard of living.


- Citizens Of Sri Lanka -

Why is this important?

The current salary scheme has already given 60 - 70% loan and credit card facilities. In most of the cases, the rest of 30 - 35% have Utility bill(s), food, fuel, medicine, school/Uni payments, etc… where NO savings at all. So, this is a really unfair decision.
Consumer price inflation - 69.8%
Food costs which hit a new record level of 94.9%
CPI in Colombo increased by 3.8%, up from a 2.5% rise in August
If the government implements this new tax proposal without considering the public concerns, millions of people and their kids will be kicked to the roads.
So....we have to stop this new PAYE TAX proposal.

Sri Lanka

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