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To: City of Covington

Demand Covington Bike Lanes for Gloria

On August 19th, 2022, Gloria San Miguel was struck and killed by a hit and run driver while riding her bike in Covington. Gloria was a community activist, mother, and an all-around amazing human.

Gloria is not the first, and she will not be the last.

We as a community & city need to install bike lanes to make sure these types of tragedies are prevented. Bike lanes make cities safer, greener, and more accessible.

Sign this petition to demand that "Gloria Lanes", bike specific lanes be created throughout Covington.
Covington strives to be the model of a city for the community. We cannot fully be that model without "Gloria Lanes". Demand that the City of Covington takes action now!

Why is this important?

Please sign this petition for Gloria's family, your family, and all the Covington families today and in the decades to come.

Covington, KY, USA

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