To: Colorado lawmakers

Colorado lawmakers: Protect kids online

A new report from the CDC exposes how kids are facing a very serious mental health crisis.

One key driver of this crisis is social media. And because of the way the platforms are designed and how their recommender systems work, it's extremely difficult for teens to avoid the harmful content that is driving their depression and anxiety.

But now we have an opportunity to stop the manipulation and protect kids all across the US.

Several states, including Colorado, are considering passing the Age Appropriate Design Code -- legislation that would protect kids online by forcing the companies to prioritize the safety and privacy of people under 18. This would in effect make it much more difficult for the companies to profile and target kids with content that could cause them harm.

Unsurprisingly, Big Tech is pushing back in order to lock kids into a lifelong cycle of data collection and targeting. In fact, Meta has just launched a lawsuit against California for passing the law.

But now we are fighting back by coming together in Colorado and every state across the US, demanding our lawmakers follow California and pass the Age Appropriate Design Code. Sign the petition, and share this with every friend and family member.

Why is this important?

We are teens, parents, and people all across the US that care for the wellbeing of kids and the impact social media is having on them.

This mental health crisis transcends political leanings, race and religion. Join us in demanding lawmakers protect kids instead of tech execs that care mostly about profits.

Colorado, USA

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