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To: Governor Kathy Hochul

Clean Water In New York

New York State Assembly is working on ratifying bill S9525 or the "PFAS surface water discharge disclosure act." This bill will create a more strict stance on water levels and contamination by requiring publicly owned treatment workers, as well as people and companies who dispose of industrial waste in those treatment works, to provide the measurement of both per- and polyfluoroalkyl found inside any state waterways. New York State Assembly and Governor Kathy Hochul have to sign this bill into legislation and find new water treatment forms to stop the growth of PFAS.

Why is this important?

Exposure to PFAS causes serious health effects such as death, cancer, liver damage, decreased fertility, increased asthma, and thyroid disease. New Yorkers deserve safe and usable water without risk and fear. I grew up in a town on the Hudson River, which was heavily polluted by PCBs due to waste dumping from a nearby manufacturing plant. Even though the waste was being dumped into the river from 1947 up until 1977, the effects it had on the river lasted until recently. Securing more sustainable water for New Yorkers is essential not just for us currently but for the future of New York.

New York, USA

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