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To: CIIS Administrators

CIIS: Post All Class Info Before Registration

CIIS Students deserve to know the day, time and instructor of courses *before* registration opens for upcoming semesters.

We cannot make complex decisions about our schedules without this information.

The current system is not working for many students. We cannot plan our lives with jobs, commutes and families without comprehensive information about our upcoming semester course offerings.

If this is is happening habitually every semester, something about the administrative planning of the upcoming semesters must change.

If the academic calendar can be planned several years out, it follows that comprehensive course offerings can be planned out before registration begins.

We believe this is essential to mutual respect.

We hope that 12 months will be enough time to make the necessary internal changes so that CIIS students can know the day, time and instructor of courses they are signing up for, many of which are required core courses.

Thank you!

Why is this important?

Right now, there are several courses that will not have a decided date, time or professor assigned before registration opens.

This means students are making vitally important decisions, blind.

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