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To: Canadian County Board of County Commissioners

Change Sunday Alcoholic Beverage Restrictions at Restaurants in Canadian County, Oklahoma

The current beverage laws in Canadian County, Oklahoma were enacted in 1985 and prevent the sale of alcoholic beverages by the glass at restaurants before 2pm on Sundays. Times have changed, the state law has changed, and neighboring counties have adapted while residents in Canadian County have never had a chance to cast their votes to remove the restriction.
Development is booming in Canadian County and there are multiple new restaurant chains looking to expand into Mustang, Yukon and other Canadian County communities but many up and coming restaurant business models incorporate a Sunday Brunch into their business plan. The current restrictions do not allow the sale of mimosas, bloody Mary’s, or other common brunch beverages which is prohibitive to these business models and preventing these restaurants from committing to development in Canadian County when they can develop a few minutes away in Oklahoma County without the restrictions. We want to see Canadian County be a level playing field for all existing and future restaurants that wish to make Canadian County, Oklahoma their home. We respectfully ask the Canadian County BOCC to approve an election to allow Canadian County residents the opportunity to cast their votes in an effort to change our nearly 40 year old beverage restrictions.

Why is this important?

Currently if someone wants to have a mimosa with their brunch or a beer with their lunch at a restaurant they are forced to leave Canadian County and go to a neighboring county just a few miles away where alcoholic beverage sales are permitted. Not only is this restrictive law preventing development in Canadian County but the County is losing out on liquor taxes and other tax dollars that are being paid to neighboring counties by people being forced into surrounding counties for their dining adventures. Please help us level this playing field and keep our tax dollars in Canadian County.

Canadian County, OK, USA

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