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To: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, CULTURE, Municipality of limassol

Cancel Nurlan Soburov's concert in Limassol

I bring to your attention that on 6/6/2023 a concert of the Russian artist Nurlan Saburov is scheduled in Cyprus. Nurlan Saburov, a tax resident of the Russian Federation, supports Putin and Russian aggression against the people of Ukraine in public space. He publicly speaks out against Ukrainians and also jokes in a rude way about the topic of rape of Ukrainian women and children by Russian soldiers. In this regard, we ask you to help in canceling his concert in Cyprus, which hurts the hearts of not indifferent people. This concert will create tension between Ukrainians and Russians in the territories of Cyprus and may inflame an already difficult situation. In connection with current realities, such speeches can put the Republic of Cyprus, the Ministry of Culture and the mayor of Limassol in a bad light. Please take our petition seriously and cancel the artist's concert scheduled to take place on 6/6/2023, organized by MAKE LOVE SHOW. The organizer himself shows great indifference to the conflict situation between the countries and absolutely does not understand what consequences such a performance of pro-Putin artists can lead to, for whom the blood and murder of Ukrainians is a joke.

Why is this important?

its very important for us that people who publicly ridicule war and murders, who joke about women being raped, do not have the opportunity to perform in mass and get the opportunity to spread hatred to the masses

Limassol, Cyprus

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