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To: Greg Tinsley and Board members

Calvary Cemetery Rules Changed

Changing the rules to burial plots that families have decorated and spent time make look pretty for their loved ones! Family should be allowed to put decorations on a burial site. If families donate their time to help keep the up keep on the grounds! I know if asked enough families would be willing to donate time and effort in order to keep these graves beautiful and decorated!

Why is this important?

I have had family buried their my entire life. On memorial day we always make sure to do the flower beds up nice and make sure flowers are maintained! Some families only have decorations for a tombstone. These burial plots shouldn't be disturbed but honored and glorified with their beauty and looks! Families will help maintain the grounds and keep trash and waste picked up in order to be able to have their decorations left alone! No grave should be dug into after it has been buried for year's! We are talking about flowers and mulch beds around loved ones! Anything planted on the plot is considered part of the burial site. So to change this after many of year's makes no sense when people have never been told not to plant anything on the grave! These burial sites are families only remembrance of their dead loved ones, of course people will help to keep these sites left alone and not disturbed!

7th St, Shelbyville, KY 40065, USA

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2023-01-10 19:45:20 +0000

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2023-01-04 06:26:31 +0000

This board has time to discuss flower beds, mulch and decorations being placed onto graves. Where is the discussions about the grass not being cut all the time or the grass that is blown onto the headstones but not blown off! These hesdstones are high dollar! The destruction of headstones by who cuts the grass! Things of this nature isn't being discussed but they want to change a rule that has never been implemented ever and expect people to abide by this when simple concerns are going unanswered!!!

2023-01-03 02:20:24 +0000

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2023-01-01 09:36:54 +0000

After speaking with Greg Tinsley he said they have never had rules before now their board has decided to implement these new rules and they are not changing them for the community! He claim there will be a town hall meeting where people can voice their opinions but he was not changing the new policy for families!! I spoke with him and asked if there was any way to make a compromise he wasn't forthcoming to allowing us to leave the burial sites left alone! He said they will need to be dug up if mulch and flowers were on them and decorations must come down! Whats the point of his board town meeting then?

2022-12-31 17:10:02 +0000

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