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To: Community of Pacifica

Bring Paisanos Back

Daughter of Vincent and Marika here. As many of you know our family business burnt down the morning after Valentines. We have not only lost our livelihood, but a special place for loved ones and our community to gather. We had all intentions of opening back up and were promised to be able to come back, renew our lease, and serve our community. However we are now being told otherwise. My family and I are devastated because we went from victims to defendants. Please, If you are apart of the Pacifica community and have any fond memories and love to share for Paisanos, we would love your support in hopes for trying to bring Paisanos back. Please sign the petition, follow our instagram, or leave a comment on next door to show we are a valuable asset to Pacifica! My family and I also want to show gratitude to the many generous people who have already supported us during this time of need.

Why is this important?

Gathering our community support to save an authentic Italian restaurant that brought family and friends together and was an asset to Pacifica.

442 Manor Plaza, Pacifica, CA 94044, USA

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