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To: Cavendish Primary School/Manchester City Council

Better Safeguarding for Cavendish Primary School

My Son went in for surgery on Saturday 04/02/23 to have his index finger bone shaved down and the skin and muscle pulled around the bone to help form a new finger tip, just to add my son will now have a deformity of thus said finger.
This is due to him having the end segment of his finger ripped off in a fire door.

updated door dampers
plane down the inside of each fire door so a soft fire resistant seal can be attached to prevent the loss of fingers or damage to
All other safeguarding areas to be reassessed

So other children wont experience this and maybe only receive a crushed, bruised or broken finger at worst.
Hopefully if my son can see my confidence with the school be reconstructed maybe his would be to as he really does not want to re attend.

Why is this important?

in the last 10 months i have had to take my son to a&e to have his head glued up and his finger reattached.
His head was a success but his finger ? not quite so.
He is traumatised from this and keeps stating with up most certainty that he is not going back to this school, this is something i am not willing to argue against as i feel as tho my son is not safe whilst under Cavendish Primary Schools supervision.
Although i will commend the Nursery Section for being Outstanding in every way.
As its an emotional subject id rather not put it all on paper but please feel free to ask any questions.

West Didsbury, Manchester M20, UK

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My son is awake and out of surgery but he will now endure a life long deformity and all that comes with that, still he is telling me that going back to that school is not an option.