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To: Ron DeSantis

Florida: End the Abortion Ban

The overturning of the laws of roe v wade has turned into an outrage. The Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, has chosen to ban procedures after 15 weeks of pregnancy without exemptions for rape, incest, or human trafficking cases. This is very inhumane and unconstitutional. A public policy solution available at the moment is free testing and examining by Planned Parenthood to determine pregnancy at an earlier stage to at least be able to comply with the state laws for said abortion, but this is not enough.

Why is this important?

When addressing the issue we must approach the higher ups. Starting by sending out petitions to the governor and the representatives of the state. we must emphasize how unconstitutional and corrupt the current abortion laws are. We must show Mr. DeSantis how mush people actually care and are willingly to fight for their rights.

Florida Mall Ave, Orlando, FL 32809, USA

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