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To: Kia Australia

Kia: Allow Aussie drivers to turn OFF speed limiting

New Kia vehicles have a speed limiting warning and although a great safety feature, in Australia this feature is creating consistent beeping while driving, which is desensitising drivers to the myriad of alerts/beeps and notifications present on the vehicle.

Speed limiting warnings are very handy to indicate to a driver when they are over the speed limit, making not only roads safe, but assisting drivers who are unaware of the changes in speed limits here in Australia.

Although a great feature, this has major annoyances and issues here in Australia.

* School zone hours are not observed, causing annoying beepings on weekends, school holidays and after hours when speed limits increase.

* Country roads have few and far between signs, and when Kia cannot find a speed limit, defaults to 50kmh.

* Although you can turn this feature off, it doesn't persist when turning the vehicle off, requiring a driver to navigate the settings to disable it again upon every trip.


* Allow speed limit to have an offset value (similar to overseas models), this would minimise the beeping while driving.

* Allow users to permanently disable the speed limiting warning (persisting the settings).

* Allow users to mute the speed limit warning, instead, opting for a discrete dashboard notification (as it is now, without beeping)

Please update the software of our Kia.

Why is this important?

When you spend a fair bit of money on a new car, you expect it to provide some peace of mind and ease of use. Not a hidden feature which isn't disclosed when purchasing or test-driving the vehicle.


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