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To: Herons

Herons: Allow drivers to wear shorts in hot weather

The ppe provided by herons is good but with 1 draw back, the trousers are thick, heavy and non breathable, now in colder days these are great but in high temperatures they become hard to wear, sweaty and very uncomfortable, which makes people wearing them annoyed, lethargic and leave you feeling very drained. Majority of haulage companies do allow their employees to wear shorts as and when they feel the weather dictates it, I believe herons drivers should be allowed to do the same, it’s such a small ask but it would have a massive impact on peoples work life.

Why is this important?

This is such an important issue as I know from being an employee for herons for 12 years the summer months are hard just because you feel so hot and have no feel of relief from the heat, even when sat in an air conditioned cab.

Hull, UK

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