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To: Derbyshire County Council

A52 Crossing Installation for Kirk Langley

The A52 in Kirk Langley, Derbyshire is a fast road with a single white line painted along each side to prohibit parking. The road is increasingly busy with additional houses being built and there is no safe space to cross this road to access local amenities including primary school and sports pavilion.

There have been a number of RTAs over the last four years and despite being promised a safe space to cross as part of the planning design statement for the new Flagshaw Way estate, this has not come to fruition; and Derbyshire County Council have now decided that a crossing point is not required.

A further application has been made to build another 53 dwellings in the village and this will only make crossing the road even harder, not to mention an increase in heavy goods and plant vehicles accessing the site.

Crossing this road will not get any easier and something proactive needs to happen before there is a fatality along this stretch of road.

A pedestrian crossing is the only answer to give a safe and secure crossing point for all residents of the village.

Why is this important?

The parish of Kirk Langley is growing, and as we welcome new residents to the village, we are increasing the number of pedestrians who walk daily to access local amenities including the local primary school and the sports pavilion.

There is huge concern that without action being taken, there will be a fatality in the village as people take their life in their hands trying to cross the A52 from/to the Flagshaw Way estate.

Part of the design statement for the new estate included provision for a safe and secure crossing point and this has now been removed after failing to be considered by the planning authority, despite being a recommendation from the Highways Authority who stated:

"Within 6 months of first occupation of the dwellings, the subject of the application, the applicant shall provide facilities for pedestrians to cross the A52 Ashbourne Road in accordance with a scheme first submitted to and approved in writing by the Local
Planning Authority”.

Unfortunately, this part of the formal statutory response of the Highway Authority was not included or discussed in the officer planning committee report and was therefore not included as a condition of the grant of planning permission.

The Parish Council has asked for action on this matter and have so far received a negative response from Derbyshire County Council Highways.

We now need your help, and the voice of the residents, to encourage Derbyshire County Council to revisit their decision and recognise the significant safety concerns for residents crossing this road.

Kirk Langley, Ashbourne DE6, UK

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