• Open FIPOA Beach Access 1A
    Access 1A serves over 150 individual and multifamily properties in the Villages of Ocean Point (49), Sandown (18), North Hampton (22), Ocean Cottages (8), and New Haven (65) as well as a a significant number of properties from Remora and beyond. The draw to our neighborhood includes the Ocean Point pool, allowing users to swim and utilize the beach in proximity on the north end of Fripp Island. In addition to homeowners, there are a significant number of rental properties that expect pedestrian access to the beach. Without this access they must drive to other access, taxing the limited parking spaces available. Additionally, with no other FIPOA access within walking distance to this area, many abuse private properties, private accesses, rock revetments, and the Ocean Point golf course to arrive and depart the beach, creating not only dangerous situations for the individuals but also considerable liability to the FIR, the FIPOA, and adjacent homeowners. In light of the new FIR plans to offer food truck and beverage services at the pool, we are also expecting a significant increase of beachgoers in our area.
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    Created by Carol Bowe
    We can’t continue loosing Lives as a result of Wildlife Attacks.
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    Created by JEFF ODERA
  • Lebanese People stand with her Honour Judge Ghada Aoun
    The life of her honour is in stake as well as the investigation of major corruption and fraud by high end political figures will be erased.
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    Created by Lebanese Justice
  • Request for an Increased sentence for Killer Driver, Arron Carter.
    I think its well and truly disgusting that a man can kill a young child and not spend the rest of his life in jail. We ask his sentance to be increased for the safety of the life's of other innocent pedestrians on the streets. If he gets out after 4 years, what is stopping him from getting into a vehicle again and doing the same? Your hands will be covered in blood if you allow this to happen. Same as ours, We must act now to keep this man in jail for as long as possible.
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    Created by Cory Pearson Picture
  • Ipswich High uniform strike!
    If the formal uniform is made better or changed to something that isn’t see through more people will actually wear it on fridays. We’re tired of the see through shirts they have to go!!
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    Created by jane doe
  • Resolve Issues with the UNCG caf
    People have been getting sick from the food at the UNCG caf. I know more people that would rather go into debt than eat in the terrible conditions. Hotdogs sitting in water for hours, undercooked chicken, and cold wet sandwiches. There are some meals that the students like and I think everyone would be happier if there were there all the time!
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    Created by Arts Ok
  • Sauvons l’hôpital Lachine
    L’urgence doit restée ouverte 24/7 pour la sécurité des citoyens et citoyennes de la ville de Lachine et de tout l’ouest de l’île.
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    Created by Louise Brisson
  • Save the Tea House from development
    Preserving our history and iconic buildings which have cultural significance is imperative for the development and education of future generations. Progress and development is not always in the best interests of the people, and in this specific circumstance it only benefits the pockets of the developers and Melbourne City Council. The proposed plan doesn’t enhance the features of the building it will not only hide a significant proportion of the building behind 4 modern towers it will cast large shadows over the building and surrounding residential buildings.
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    Created by Rachael Grabovic
  • Move PCHS Graduation to Cool Today Park and Raise Ticket #
    Our senior graduation is the most important time of our lives. We want to be willing to share it with our loved ones and friends. Class of 2023 deserves something like this. Covid, Masks, Hurricanes hit us real hard and We want to have something that will forever make us remember highschool. Seniors of 2023 want to share this experience with everyone and not just behind a screen or in a crowded center. We can make this happen. We are willing to step up to make our graduation memorable for not only us but for the school. If this falls through correctly it would mean everything for us and quite frankly we do deserve it.
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    Created by Senior23 SN
  • Allow Amplified Busking in Wollongong.
    Busking brings life, culture, art, vibrancy and entertainment to the people of Wollongong and its city. No professional performer will play unamplified, it's just NOT professional and no one can hear you.... simple! For this very reason the city is lacking to attract buskers/entertainers to its streets. It also needs to offer more than ONE single busking spot, this is another deterant for entertainers as there is nowhere to play. With these rules/restrictions in place we are killing the vibe and culture of Wollongong.
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    Created by Eris Bel Picture
  • Move 2023 CHS Graduation to the Football Field and raise the ticket cap to 9
    Everyone that is graduating from CHS deserves to have the most normal and smooth graduation as they can to mark the graduation as an important and happy point in their lives and their family members/those who have been close to them along their journey. Unfortunately, that greatest potential for that graduation isn't being maximized when there are other better opportunities to hold it.
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    Created by Leonardo Trent
  • Increase Star Stable's Weekly SC to 200.
    The community has already been dealing with its own inflation (IRL) and for a lot of people, SSO is an escape from reality. However, due to the price of the game, the currency, and items/horses in-game, this is no longer an escape from reality. Lots of people are stuck between wanting to leave the game because they cannot afford it, and being unable to leave because they've invested so much money into it. This is mentally exhausting, and they feel forced to buy Star Coins again because of this loop they're in. Now for a company, this means success, but at what cost?
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