• RE: Petition against Mr. Isabirye Paul Mwogeza to be Appointed Headteacher KIIRA COLLEGE BUTIKI
    We request your office to appoint a substantive Head within 2 weeks on grounds that: 1. The office of Headteacher KIIRA COLLEGE BUTIKI demands Integrity as high standards have been set through previous Headteachers. 2. Isabirye Paul Mwogeza academic papers are doubtable 3. To avoid ambiguity and enable students settle on there academics
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  • Save the French Program at Penn Trafford!
    Did you know? In Pennsylvania, of the 6549 foreign owned business from 66 countries in every county (pa.gov) nearly 50% of these businesses are from French and German speaking countries. • In the European Union (EU), the working languages of the European Parliament of the 27 EU countries are French, German, and English. (https://europarlamentti.info/en/Europeanparliament/working-languages/) ▪ French is the official language of 3 countries (In addition, there are 2 more European countries that are not members of the European Union where French is an official language.), ▪ Spanish is the official language of 1 country. https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/documents/other/list-officiallanguages-country_en.pdf ▪ French is the official language of 32 nations. There are 220 million French speakers in the world. Penn Trafford will be one of the few districts in the state that does not offer French.
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  • Stop Garment Worker Deaths #SigntheAccord
    This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, the deadliest industrial disaster in manufacturing history. 1,138 garment workers lost their lives, and over 2,500 more were injured as they made clothes for some of the world’s biggest fashion brands. Rana Plaza was a preventable tragedy. Clothing companies had been aware for years before the collapse that garment factories in Bangladesh did not meet international safety standards. Prior to the factory collapse, deaths from factory fires and unsafe construction were frequent, yet companies failed to take meaningful action to protect worker lives. After the horrific tragedy, dozens of brands came to the table to sign the Accord, a binding agreement to implement a transformative safety program which has stopped disasters like Rana Plaza from happening again, making workplaces safer for 2.5 million workers through factory renovations and worker education programs. While much progress on safety has been made in Bangladesh, it isn’t the only country where garment workers sew in dangerous conditions. In 2012, the Ali Enterprises factory fire in Karachi killed more than 260 garment workers. Since then, at least 135 workers have died in Pakistan’s textile and garment industry due to dangerous working conditions. Last year, the Accord was expanded to protect millions of textile and garment workers in Pakistan. More than 40 of fashion’s biggest brands have signed up to keep their workers safe, including American Eagle, ASOS, Bestseller, C&A, H&M, Primark, PVH (Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger), and Zara. While the Accord has saved lives and transformed workplace safety for a decade, the 12 brands listed below have yet to sign on, instead putting their profits above the lives of garment workers in Bangladesh and Pakistan. -Amazon -ASDA -Columbia Sportswear -Decathlon -Ikea -JC Penney -Kontoor Brands (Wrangler, Lee, and Rock & Republic) -Levi's -Target (USA) -Tom Tailor -URBN (Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People) -Walmart Join us in telling this dirty dozen that enough is enough, and that their refusal to support the Accord’s life-saving factory inspections and worker safety programs isn’t acceptable. Sign the petition to protect the lives of the people who make our clothes. #RanaPlazaNeverAgain STAY UPDATED: Accord Tracker (Bangladesh): https://cleanclothes.org/accord-tracker Accord Tracker (Pakistan): https://remake.world/pakistan-brand-tracker/ Get Involved in Campaign Work: https://linktr.ee/stopgarmentworkerdeaths
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  • #Unisa #Nsfas: Release Our Allowances
    Assignments due dates has been published and some has passed yet we haven't recieved our Allowances. How are we going to write assignments without prescribed books? Allowances are disbursed a week before exams, how are we supposed to study for exams? Monthly allowance is smaller than Srd R350 grants yet we are not all working, Qualifying students applications for funding are rejected
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  • Water shortages and Infrastructure, Greater Tzaneen Municipality
    We, the undersigned residents, requests Greater Tzaneen Municipality and Mopani District Municipality to provide water supply as a basic Human Right to the residents of all wards. Residents of Greater Tzaneen have severe water outages. With loadshedding, water cannot be pumped from reservoirs and water plants. The exemption of water plants and reservoirs during loadshedding is at a critical point that needs attention. Maintenance of failing infrastructure must now be put on high priority to ensure basic services in Greater Tzaneen Municipality.
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  • Project REvolutionize (#PaintingthecampusRED)
    Sadly, statistics reveal that over 34% of girls in school miss school on their period because of the inaccessibility and affordability of pads. But what if we, as an institution provide free sanitary pads and menstrual products in every female and gender neutral bathroom in the institution, starting with the School of Business Sciences female bathroom.
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  • The need to construct A CACIA FEEDER road is urgent, Append your signature to have your voice heard
    We care about the construction of a road in this area because it directly impacts the health, safety, and well-being of the residents and users of the road. The excessive amount of dust generated by the unpaved road poses serious health risks, especially for vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly. It can cause respiratory complications and allergies, which can have long-lasting effects on people's health. Additionally, the current road conditions make it difficult for emergency vehicles to reach those in need and for residents to access essential services such as hospitals and schools. It also hinders transportation of goods and services, making it difficult for businesses to operate effectively in the area. By constructing a proper road, we can provide safer and more reliable transportation for everyone who uses this road. It will improve the quality of life for the residents and positively impact the economy by promoting business growth in the area. Overall, we care about the construction of this road because it is a fundamental right of every citizen to have access to basic amenities such as safe and reliable transportation. We believe that every individual deserves to live in a healthy, safe, and prosperous community, and constructing a proper road will help achieve this goal.
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  • International Declaration on Human Rights
    Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 as the first international recognition that all human beings are entitled to fundamental rights and freedoms which must be respected and protected by all nations of the world.
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  • Traffic Calming in Ward 26
    Lawlessness/speeding/loss of life and regular traffic violations have become a real crisis in the respective roads with Ward 26.
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  • Sign “yes” for events indoors/outdoors at the Old House in Hog Hollow
    For so long we have been isolated, we want to bring back that feeling of togetherness, be that place, to have somewhere to go. We want to give back to the community and host events that the community can participate in. We want to host your event. Help create those memories for you and your loved ones. Celebrate your special occasions and make an everlasting moment for you and those around you. We want to strive to know the needs of the community and participate where we are called. Host events for local firefighters, non-profit organization, and things we believe in. Help raise money to those in need. While doing it together. Let us be that place.
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  • Staff Development days on Eid
    All students in the county should deserve the same respect for their religion and be allowed to express themselvs on important religious holidays. One of the biggest problems is how many Islamic students throughout Calvert County don't receive the respect they deserve on Eid
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  • Say No to SB 903 and HB 2294
    Virginia residents will have no where to legally purchase the products they have came to love, they will not be able to purchase things that are legal in all other states. We are a veteran and family-owned small business who have been in this industry for almost 5 years. We moved back to our hometown in Virginia to help the agricultural industry, the farmers and those who live with chronic pain, EOE, arthritis, and many other issues that impact our family as well. Seeing the benefits of CBD and hearing the amazing stories from our customers it is sad knowing that if this bill is passed it would shut down 80% of our business. Our customers are the ones who will suffer, they will have no way to help the symptoms they have been receiving relief from! The farmers will loose out on revenues, the people will suffer, small businesses and families will struggle.
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