• Save the Tea House from development
    Preserving our history and iconic buildings which have cultural significance is imperative for the development and education of future generations. Progress and development is not always in the best interests of the people, and in this specific circumstance it only benefits the pockets of the developers and Melbourne City Council. The proposed plan doesn’t enhance the features of the building it will not only hide a significant proportion of the building behind 4 modern towers it will cast large shadows over the building and surrounding residential buildings.
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    Created by Rachael Grabovic
  • Move PCHS Graduation to Cool Today Park and Raise Ticket #
    Our senior graduation is the most important time of our lives. We want to be willing to share it with our loved ones and friends. Class of 2023 deserves something like this. Covid, Masks, Hurricanes hit us real hard and We want to have something that will forever make us remember highschool. Seniors of 2023 want to share this experience with everyone and not just behind a screen or in a crowded center. We can make this happen. We are willing to step up to make our graduation memorable for not only us but for the school. If this falls through correctly it would mean everything for us and quite frankly we do deserve it.
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    Created by Senior23 SN
  • Allow Amplified Busking in Wollongong.
    Busking brings life, culture, art, vibrancy and entertainment to the people of Wollongong and its city. No professional performer will play unamplified, it's just NOT professional and no one can hear you.... simple! For this very reason the city is lacking to attract buskers/entertainers to its streets. It also needs to offer more than ONE single busking spot, this is another deterant for entertainers as there is nowhere to play. With these rules/restrictions in place we are killing the vibe and culture of Wollongong.
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    Created by Eris Bel Picture
  • Move 2023 CHS Graduation to the Football Field and raise the ticket cap to 9
    Everyone that is graduating from CHS deserves to have the most normal and smooth graduation as they can to mark the graduation as an important and happy point in their lives and their family members/those who have been close to them along their journey. Unfortunately, that greatest potential for that graduation isn't being maximized when there are other better opportunities to hold it.
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    Created by Leonardo Trent
  • Increase Star Stable's Weekly SC to 200.
    The community has already been dealing with its own inflation (IRL) and for a lot of people, SSO is an escape from reality. However, due to the price of the game, the currency, and items/horses in-game, this is no longer an escape from reality. Lots of people are stuck between wanting to leave the game because they cannot afford it, and being unable to leave because they've invested so much money into it. This is mentally exhausting, and they feel forced to buy Star Coins again because of this loop they're in. Now for a company, this means success, but at what cost?
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    Created by Jake || Rei Lioning Picture
    The Government employees and their family members after retirement deserves a decent and dignified retired life and right to live under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. Even under ILO Convention No.102 titled Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention, 1952 a minimum standard for the level of social security benefits which includes pension and family pension should be ensured by the member countries. Therefore we request your honour to kindly intervene in this serious matter and advise the Government of India to withdraw the No Guarantee NPS and restore back the defines and Guaranteed Old Pension Scheme to all the Central Government, State Government Employees, Teacher and their family members for which act of kindness we all will be grateful to you honour.
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    Created by Varun Sundararaj
  • SUGA to add Europe to his upcoming tour!
    European Army’s miss out on a lot of tours especially Kpop and I just want Hybe to understand that BTS/Suga have millions of fans that are desperate to see him too! Yes I know a lot of us can travel to the destinations that are already scheduled on his tour but there are lots of us that can’t due to money or work commitments or even childcare. So please please please if possible can you add a couple of dates here? We really want to see him before his enlistment and It would mean so much to us. Thank you :)
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    Created by Hayley Millroy Picture
  • Herne Bay: Fix the Pavements
    I want everything done to make out the pavement, most safely to walk on sturdy without falling over
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    Created by Lynn Officer
  • Justice for South African hockey
    As a young hockey player in South Africa, i am immensely inspired by our national team. I am extremely passionate about the sport and love watching the team play and succeed. For this reason it is extremely disappointing and painful when we are unable to compete internationally, although we are a good enough team. Allocation of funding to South African Hockey, will give our country the opportunity to be recognised internationally within the field, and give us far greater chances at worldwide success. This will also inspire the next generation of hockey players, to pursue a career in the sport, improving the level and quality of players throughout the country. The National team has proven time and time again that they should be taken seriously and that hockey deserves more attention from our country as a sport.
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    Created by Nicolas Ackerman
  • Malaysia: Ban the "Trap and Kill" method for stray animals
    This method is inhumane and barbaric. We should be neutering stray dogs and cats instead of killing them! We are supposed to be kind to animals and teaching our children to learn the same. Other than that, the good image of a country can be seen from the way it's people treating animals.
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    Created by Joel Chok
  • "National Nursing and Midwifery Commission (NNMC) Bill" Implementation
    The major objectives of the commission as per the proposed National Nursing and Midwifery Commission Bill, 2022 are to provide for regulation and maintenance of standards of education and services by nursing and midwifery professionals, assessment of institutions, maintenance of a Central Register and State Registers and creation of a system to improve access, research and development and adoption of latest scientific advancements. The bill has also proposed standardizing the nomenclature and scope of work of different nursing and midwifery cadres according to the International Standard, Classification of Occupations. They are nursing and midwifery service managers, nursing professionals, midwifery professionals, nurse associates, midwifery associates and nursing care assistants.
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    Created by The Nursing Teachers Association India NTAI
  • Bring Back Curie's Hydrating Hand Sanitizer
    Why is it that most hand sanitizers rid our hands of germs (keeping us healthy) but leave them cracked and dry, which is terrible for our skin? Curie's hand sanitizer fixed this problem. The product included special ingredients to get rid of the germs on your hands AND moisturize your skin, leaving your hands feeling soft and smooth. WE NEED THIS BACK so I reached out to Curie’s customer support team, and if we get 1,000 signatures, they will!!
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    Created by Louise Kristofferson