• Protect and Enforce Every Child's Right to Maintain Regular Contact with their Family Members
    Children have a right to regular contact with both parents equally.
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    By overlooking all the merits, sacrifices, patience and hardwork that pastor Kamanya has done for the AIPCA church for over 30 years, not forgetting making Bahati cathedral and other churches look the they they are today, we shall be demolishing the hard workers and moreso our coming generations and the future of the church will be at risk.
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    Created by Julius Karanja
  • Vidyodaya School: Request for online examination
    Many of the students and their family are suffering from severe health issues as the effects of Brahmapuram smoke issue. The only solution is to stay out of the cause. Many of us wanted to go to our native places but couldn't due to exam schedules.
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    Bal mawon ki anndan kou pwofesè Sorel JASMIN an riske paralize 4 manm li yo si li pa fè yon operasyon prese prese. An n rele anmwey sekou pou kòlèg Sorel k ap soufri!
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    Created by Sendika REFERANS
  • Overlook Road Eucalyptus Tree Removal
    On January 11, the day after the catastrophic failure of two of these trees, Mr. Geddes a local independent arborist, inspected all of the eucalyptus trees, both fallen and standing. He inspected them again at the end of January before the destruction of the two stumps. Mr. Geddes’s report speaks for itself. The trees present a “present threat to life, limb and property and infrastructure” and need to be removed. He found evidence of white root rot and was surprised by how little root mass remained to support the fallen trees. He considers it “highly likely” that the 18 remaining trees have suffered similar root zone compromise. The Town’s strategy of occasional pruning could not and cannot “prevent advance of root pathogens and decay.” In addition, the Residents have consulted with the Santa Clara County Fire Department, Fire Prevention Division. The Fire Prevention Division manages the brush abatement and defensible space program and sends reminders to homeowners each January to clear vegetation, and levies financial charges against homeowners for violations and non-compliance. The Fire Department is aware of the Town’s eucalyptus trees on Overlook Road, and says that they have no way to protect the Residents if these trees ignite. Again, these trees are flammable and explode in fireballs. The Fire Department would have no other choice but to retreat. Indeed, the Santa Clara County Firesafe Council highlights such fireballs as the primary reason to recently remove eucalyptus trees in Redwood Estates: “Eucalyptus trees are notorious for being extremely flammable and spreading firebrands. When the oils in the trees heat up, the plant releases flammable gas, which ignites into a fireball. This accelerates the eucalyptus fire hazards in a region and discourages firefighting efforts.” See https://sccfiresafe.org/projects/redwood-estates-hazardous-tree-removal Essentially, individual, as well as Town and community, wildfire preparedness efforts are meaningless in the Glen Ridge neighborhood as long as these trees are standing. The Town has previously been advised to remove eucalyptus trees. For example, in 2020 the Town commissioned a wildfire preparedness report and recommendations from SWCA Environmental Consultants. The report is entitled, Town of Los Gatos Roadway Vegetation Management Plan. On page 4, the recommended treatments include “Removing all non-fire- resistant vegetation located within 10 feet of roadways [including] combustible vegetation such as eucalyptus trees... .” Overlook Road is highlighted in this report as an area to be addressed. See https://www.losgatosca.gov/DocumentCenter/View/25236/Los-Gatos-Roadside-Vegetation- Management-Plan. Despite this report, despite the Town’s stated focus on wildfire preparedness, and despite the recent scare from the lightning complex fires of August 2020, to date, the Town has not taken the recommended actions regarding these trees – removal, pruning, nothing. Their existence contradicts all wildfire preparedness efforts in the Glen Ridge neighborhood. It appears the Town is maintaining a known hazardous and dangerous condition on its property that endangers Town residents.
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    Created by Mary O Connell
  • International Health Care Professionals should treated as an asset for Canada Health System
    Pharmacists, physicians, nurses, Lab technicians, dentists that are internationally trained have the sufficient skills, competencies, experiences and knowledge to deal with different health issues in an efficient way. We aim to help Canadians to access to the right service in the right time frame with the right excellence that they deserve. Give us a chance to serve our new communities by facilitating our access to health care positions we previously practiced with a supervision or as internship probation time. You will be amazed of what we can offer and how fast we integrate in the system. Give us a hope by facilitating our professional integration in the Canadian system. You will not regret and you will enjoy the added value impacted by this simple change on improving health services.
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  • Côté d'Ivoire: Augmentation des congés de maternité de 3 mois à 6 mois
    Parlant de moi, je suis tomber enceinte en 2021, j'ai accouché d'une fille en octobre 2021. C'était assez difficile car j'habite Bonoua a 2 h d'abidjan et je travaille à Abidjan. Et lorsque j'ai accouché ma mère sur qui je comptais pour s'occuper de bb avait déménagée de Bonoua 3 mois avant donc imaginez. Quand je devais reprendre le travail mon bb avait 2 mois ,j'ai du combiné avec mes congés annuels pour qu'elle ait 3 mois.mais j'ai du arrêter le travail 1 mois après la reprise pour m'occuper de mon bb et l'idée de laisser mon enfant a la crèche me fendait le coeur. J'ai même faiili démissionner mais ma DRH m'a fait comprendre que je pouvais faire une mise en disponibilité. Et je l'ai fait pour 6 mois, je suis donc restée sans salaire. On a dû vivre avec les revenus de mon époux et quelque petites économies, ce n'était pas facile avec les charges du bb
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    Created by Marya Boti
  • Upfront rental payments in ibiza / Pagos por adelantado en ibiza para alquiler
    if the situation doesn’t change, a lot of families with children, the local population of the Balearic Islands will end up living in the streets! or obligated to leave their lives behind and move somewhere else ! This is our home !
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    Created by Fatima Rull
    La communauté LGBTQ+🏳️‍🌈 des différents pays d’Afrique subsaharienne vit depuis le 21 février 2023 une vague d’agressions homophobes et racistes par les autorités policières, et la population tunisienne; suite au discours raciste xénophobe et sans gêne du président de république KAÏS SAÏED qui a pointé du doigt l’existence d’un plan criminel préparé depuis le début de ce siècle, pour métamorphoser la composition démographique de la Tunisie en parlant des subsahariens. Il a par ailleurs annoncé des mesures urgentes qui devraient être prises pour traiter le phénomène de l’afflux d’un grand nombre de migrants irréguliers subsahariens en Tunisie. Étant donné que la Tunisie par l’article 230 du code pénal tunisien, punis « jusqu’à trois ans de prison pour un rapport sexuel entre adultes consentants de même sexe et l’impossibilité de changement de statut civil pour les personnes transgenres ». Nous sommes délaissés et négligés par toute l’instance du UNHCR. La lenteur au niveau de procédure, bons nombres de complications pour bénéficier des différentes assistances dû à de longues procédures administratives. l’indifférence des agents du UNHCR face aux problèmes que nous les soumettons, l’intimidation et menaces de certains agents du UNHCR auprès des demandeurs d’asiles et réfugiés LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 des différents pays d’Afrique subsaharienne, des Harcèlements sexuels des agents du UNHCR recensées par les demandeurs d’asiles et réfugiés. Nous appelons la communauté internationale et toutes les institutions de défenses des minorités à se pencher sur le problème majeur auquel nous faisons face. Depuis ce derniers discours raciste, la psychose c’es installée chez les subsahariens elles est encore plus forte chez nous les LGBTQ+ Nous espérons par cette motion pouvoir faire valoir nos droits entant que personnes LGBTQ+🏳️‍🌈 et subsaharienne
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  • Put on hold the Establishment of Chinese Medicine Council (CMC)
    CMC is an organization that will not receive any government funding and the entire funding relies on acupuncturists. Besides the CMC expenses report has never shown operating expenses with detailed budgeting, and the uncertainty amount of running CMC makes the acupuncturist feel insecure. Moreover, CMC is urgently demanding a massive fee of $485,787 from AcNZ & NZASA to continue its establishment and operation, however, there is no obligation for members to contribute! In the end, we hope that the establishment of CMC will be put on hold until the economy improves and restarts the establishment by gaining agreement from the majority of members. Please sign to show your support!
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  • Prevent our local authority taking our dogs
    Myself and my husband moved here to Northern Cyprus from the UK 7 years ago. We have since rescued all of our furbabies from the streets here, where there is major problem with unwanted street dogs. The local council are now trying to take our furbabies from us. We have had them all from being puppies, this is there home. If the council remove our furbabies they will either end up in a terrible shelter, be dumped in the mountains to die or be killed. Please help me stop this barbaric behaviour by signing my petition. Anyone can follow our Facebook group karsiyakadoghouse, we are also on tik tok and Instagram.
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  • Make the Roundabout safer
    On the first of April last year l was at the roundabout crossing, I thought the truck had seen me. It didn’t and after he gave way to the car they took off l was hit and a 20 year old man pulled out in front of the truck and saved my life. I was lucky l survived. I have been recovering from multiple injuries and lm blessed by the amazing support from family, friends and the community. I have been in touch with the council, Vic roads about making the crossing safer as the reason the accident happened was l couldn’t be seen. My suggestion was to put a mirror up so larger vehicles and trucks could look to see if someone was crossing at the pedestrian crossing between the Hotspot and the Telegraph hotel. Mary-Anne Thomas Minister for Health since June 2022 and MP for Macedon Rangers and her team have helped me through some trying times trying to improve the safety of the roundabout dealing with both the Macedon Rangers Shire Council and Department of Roads and Transport of Victoria as they own half the roundabout each. The latest feedback l have been given is that a decision might be made regarding an upgrade in April/May but again was not guaranteed this is the second time that l have been told this and it’s disappointing it’s been a year since l was lucky enough not to lose my life. I will do all l can to try to make this roundabout safer. I have sat at the roundabout and watched traffic. There are changes that would make it so much safer my request is a mirror. Why l am doing this is l don’t want anyone else to go through what l have or worse lose a life. This effected so many people my partner, my family and all my friends no one else should be at risk. I’m asking today for everyone to get behind me with making it safer. Please use your voice.
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