• Restructure Alaba International Market to Lagos General Hospital.
    The Alaba International Market has been the Genesis of The Recent Ethnic Clashes In Lagos State. This Market is being misused as an Haven for furthering and fueling unrest against other ethnic groups most especially the yoruba in nearby areas affected. The Terrorist group, The Indigenous People of Biafra is said to have a presence there. It is essential that the Lagos Stats Goverment close the market down to restore Public Sanity, Peace, Law and Order in Lagos.
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    Created by Anton Goetter
  • Non à la 3eme candidature de Macky Sall
    Nul ne peut exercer plus de deux mandats consécutifs. Article 27 de la constitution
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    Created by Réewum Ngor République Des valeurs Picture
  • Women's soccer without boundaries
    Ich spiele seitdem ich 8 Jahre alt bin Fußball und es war immer schon eher schwierig diesem Hobby zu folgen. Verurteilende Blicke, Verständnislosigkeit, lange Anfahrten, Kosten, Schwierigkeiten gute Trainer*innen zu finden,... Und trotzdem spiele ich Fussball, weil es mir Spaß macht und ich die Bewegung und die frische Luft liebe. Ich spiele Fussball, weil ich es liebe Zusammen mit 10 (und mehr!) Mädels am Platz zu stehen und auf ein Ziel hinzuarbeiten! Fußball fördert das Selbstbewusstsein, die Teamfähigkeit, die Entwicklung eines sogenannten "Siegeswillen" und und und... Lauter positive Dinge die wir als Frauen in der Schule eh kaum vermitteln bekommen. Es macht mich traurig, dass Frauen auch hier den Folgen des Jahrhunderte schwer ausgelebten Patriarchats ertragen müssen und nur es nur wenige Spielerinnen gibt, die vom Fußballspielen leben können. Es macht mich traurig, dass viele Frauen mit 8 mal im Verein geschnuppert haben aber gleich wieder aufgehört haben, weil es für sie untragbar war neben 20 Burschen das einzige Mädchen zu sein und komisch angeschaut zu werden. Es macht mich traurig, dass Frauen ihren Traum vom Profifußball meist schnell an den Nagel hängen, weil das selten gut vereinbar ist mit Ausbildung und Beruf. Ich wünsche mir Veränderung auf allen Ebenen und hoffe mit einer Bewegung im Fussball auch eine Veränderung in den anderen Sportarten zu bewirken. Das Problem herrscht überall (Annähernd Gleichberechtigung gibt es vielleicht beim Tennis und Schifahren).
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    Created by Lara Krampf
  • Wolt: Better pay for drivers in Finland
    Drivers' pay needs to reflect current petrol prices, costs and inflation! If you agree, sign the petition, and share it everywhere, to put pressure on Wolt, to pay their drivers better! With the inflation everything has became more expensive, and instead of Wolt taking that into consideration and increase our fee per task, they have squeezed us drivers even more.
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    Created by Zak Zrar
  • CCCJ: Exams should remain online for Semester 2 2022-2023
    The abrupt announcement to cancel online exams is affecting students both psychologically and financially because we are not mentally and physically prepared. Most J1 job opportunity starts on May 15th, and with exams ending May 26- June 2, 2023, most if not all students may not be able to obtain a summer job with the current exam schedule given this minimal time and short notice of this announcement. In addition, the evening school students will be at an advantage because their exams will be online, as opposed to the day school students. If this petition rules in the student's favor, then we will be more prepared for face-to-face exams in the upcoming academic year, 2023 to 2024. Add your name to the petition, and share it everywhere to demand that exams remain online!
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    Created by Ashli-Ann Graham
  • Demande aux USA et au Canada de renvoyer la famille des dirigeants haïtiens en Haïti
    Je vis en Haïti avec ma famille. Le pays devient de plus en plus le théatre d'une guerre civile grandissante, ce qui menace les vies et les biens de toutes les personnes qui y vivent. Tout ceci se passe au mépris des dirigeants qui ne s'investissent pas dans la résolution de cette situation de chaos.
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    Created by Mackenson JEAN LOUIS
  • Reinstate the Junior E Age Group to AGN
    As a coach, I never emphasized the importance of winning to any of my athletes. I encourage my pupils of all ages to be the best version of themselves. Winning can be subjective if we promote it as such. It can mean first place. It can mean third place. It can mean qualifying for the semifinals. It can simply mean participating in a race. Personal wins come in all sorts of milestones and they should all be celebrated. Everyone's roadmap to development and success is different. Please reinstate the Junior E division to give skaters and their parents the flexibility to build their own roadmap. -Simon Cho
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    Created by Simon Cho
  • "Communiversity" - A new approach to serving youth in Baltimore City.
    Baltimore needs an approach that brings all services together, providing a roadmap of success from the earliest possible age until they are well on their way to being a productive member of society, and the city we love. Absence of this happening, we will continue to see our city and citizens die. Our babies are dying!!!!
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    Created by Edward Hill
  • Pour la reprise de la formation des professeurs de philosophie
    Certains sont dans les classes depuis 2004. Ils ont accepté de servir l’éducation partout dans le Sénégal, parfois dans les zones les reculées du pays. Aujourd’hui, on refuse de les former.
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    Created by Bouya Mbaye
  • Evacuer le Président Ousmane SONKO pour des soins.
    Nous assistons à des otages politiques de plus en plus au Sénégal. Une oppression sans cesse des opposants. Tout droit et devoir sont devenus restreints. L'opposant Ousmane Sonko est le parfait illustratif qui subit une injustice sans commune mesure depuis qu'il a commencé à défendre les intérêts du peuple sénégalais contre le régime d'où sa vie est devenue de plus en plus exposée.
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    Created by Babacar Ndiaye
  • Time is ticking to save hundreds of local cats in Jacksonville Beaches
    The situation has gotten much worse for Abandoned Domestic Cats in our County and especially our City of Jax Beach. Now no one is allowed to feed the cats on public property in Jax Beach. because a few neighbors have a problem with it while the majority want to help these cats and actually participate in their care. Where if you live in the City of Jax you can still feed with a community cat program permit, one person per one public park and must maintain rules, TNR and monitor health. The Beaches have no such permit to be a part of a cat program. The Main Issue is this- Anywhere cats are dumped by restaurants, pet owners, and people that don’t want any cats near them In Duval county who are trying to survive and many relocating from redevelopment or abandoned areas are now possibly starving. Ordinances containing inhumane and conflicting rules just started to be enforced -without notice - that no one can continue to feed or care for cats Unless on private property with permission of owner. See COJB cat related ordinances here: https://library.municode.com/FL/Jacksonville%20Beach/CODES/Code_of_Ordinances?nodeId=PTIICOOR_CH5ANCO_ARTIIANCO_DIV3NU_S5-35FECADOOU The Beach Boat Ramp cats a long established and well loved and cared for colony has been effected by the Windward /Beach Marina redevelopment. Windward has clearly now stated no feeding on their property and now there is no where for remaining cats to relocate and receive proper care - which we were told would not happen at last and other City Council meetings concerning this development -Oct/Nov.2022, by both COJB and Windward. See news: https://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/investigates/time-is-ticking-save-dozens-local-cats-jacksonville-beach/OYVO6E6LFFAR5BL6D726XW32Q4/ City wide caretakers have spent their own money to provide food and care are now scared to do anything to help them. Many are suffering PLEASE speak out friends🙏⚔️❤️💫.! On NextDoor below - & 7K have viewed this post in one week 😎⚔️🙏❤️💫♾🥰 Thank you ALL.! https://nextdoor.com/p/pWB92rcRz2Pf?utm_source=share&extras=MzkxODg3NzU%3D
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    Created by Ali Cox
  • Disband Illegal landfill dumping in Deben
    This illegal dumping of waste is a environmental and hygienical hazard for the residents of Deben. This waste dissolves into the ground and into our water system, as many residents make use of borehole water. This illegal dumping site also attracts pests, roaming animals and criminal activities.
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    Created by Darius Nell