• Let's fight for change at Kingsbury school
    As a parent all you want is the best for your children. I want school years to be fun, educational and to prepare our offspring for the life they have ahead of them. Kingsbury school is not doing this! Our children are in a world where diversity, individuality, and inclusion are embraced but unfortunately Kingsbury school does not embrace any of this. We should encourage young adults to be respectful but also to have a voice and be heard not just shrink into the shadows. The real world away from school is hard and we have to prepare our children for the "real" challenges they will face in life.
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    Created by Nicola Heywood
  • Repair the pump for the water feature in Harlan Ranch park
    As we all know, the summers in the Central Valley get extremely hot, and while we do have two community pools available to us, at times they are far too crowded. For those of us who have younger children, some of us don’t feel completely comfortable with bringing them in the pool at all. Some don’t feel comfortable bringing their children around rowdier older children at the pool. Some children can’t swim. We would like this other option for our children to have fun water play. The closest splash pad to Harlan Ranch is in Todd Beamer park which is still a 15 minute drive. Having this “splash pad” available to residents is much more economical for residents.
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    Created by Cecily Callahan
  • NO al aumento de la factura de la luz
    En menos de 5 años, Puerto Rico ha sufrido los embates de huracanes, terremotos y pandemia que devastaron parte de nuestra Isla y nuestra gente. En medio de esta crisis, nuestros gobernantes han caido en el terrible germen de la corrupción. Al momento de esta petición, las autoridades Federales de los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica han arrestado a 10 funcionarios públicos en un periodo de 6 meses. Aun con todo lo anterior, LUMA ENERGY, ha solicitado por varias ocasiones, en un periodo de un año, diferentes aumentos a la factura de la luz. Concediendo el Negociado de Energía de Puerto Rico los aumentos solicitados. En los pasados días, esta empresa, única compañía privada que administra el servicio de energía en Puerto Rico (ISLA de 100x35) solicitó nuevamente un aumento pero de un 17%. Con todos los problemas que tenemos, NO soportamos otro aumento en la factura de la luz y es por eso que es necesario que firmes esta petición para que el Negociado de Energía de Puerto Rico, tenga conocimiento del sentir del Pueblo, que es a final de cuentas el que quita y pone negociados y comisionados.
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    Created by Lcdo. Alcides Martínez
    I am a senior high school student and I identify as nonbinary. I am graduating next month and I am making this petition as to provide a safe space and autonomy for my fellow queer folks and also to those students who don't feel comfortable wearing the graduation attire that was ordered from the division office. Since wearing of toga was disapproved, everyone of us went into a turmoil about what to wear for the graduation. The order that came seems a little bit tight for us and very traditional. It expulses the rights of students to choose what they want to wear for graduation, especially the LGBTQ+ identifying indviduals. There are also trans students who are affected by this order because it imposes that male graduates are supposed to wear the male-gendered attire, discarding identities and only focusing on biological sex for that implied decision. This petition is for everyone. It peacefully calls out the binary-standard of that order in our graduation attire. We, students, want to have autonomy in what we want to wear. Not just for comfort, but for our identities to really be seen and valued as indviduals.
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    Created by Dan Aries Amian
  • I would like to change the fact that in our community there's no liabraries and after care
    It takes a village to raise a child .so if you let me help you with your kids
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    Created by Neo Mokobane
  • Peticija za skraćene sate zadnji dan škole
    Zato što je zadnji dan škole i svi zaslužujemo malo odmora
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    Created by Mila Sopta
  • No Face to Face Examination For Online Modules
    It’s important because the University should prioritize their students. Based on the reasons we mentioned about the problem, it’s clear that the University should consider our request and allow us to write online as we were studying online.
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    Created by Class Representative Picture
  • Move BOTS from the Town Square
    Businesses and peoples livelihoods are being affected, also people who live around the square find it impossible to go about their daily lives while the event is on .
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    Created by Judith Greenbank
  • Ponovno uspostavljanje putničkog željezničkog saobraćaja između Hrvatske i Srbije
    Bez željezničkog saobraćaja onemogućuje se građanima obje zemlje nesmetano svakodnevno putovanje iz, jedne u drugu zemlju, a samim tim se i usporava ekonomsko gospodarska dinamika međusobnih odnosa dvaju zemalja. Poznato je da su građani obje zemlje usmjereni jedni prema drugima kako u zadovoljavanju privatnih tako i poslovnih potreba.
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    Created by Svetlana Patafta