• I'm calling on anyone to help us raise the money to build a Rehab and a sports Centre in Mqanduli
    Because our mothers, sisters and children every day they are their victims getting raped, killed or robed, families losses their loved ones but if we have a Rehab facility and a sports Centre things won't be the same again
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    Created by Lwandile Ngqunguza
  • Free ticket entitlement for OU graduation!
    This is a very special time to celebrate and for many families it is unaffordable for them, particular given the rise in cost of living. The cost to study with the OU is not cheap, the offer of attending the ceremony worked hard towards should not come with a cost! It is important to consider that most concrete universities offer two free tickets for graduates.
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    Created by Nicole Buskie
  • Re-open the crèche at summerfields, freedom leisure.
    Exercise has a huge impact on physical health and mental health, mums go through a huge transition when they have children and often, when ready, want to get back to their fitness regimes or start exercising, which would benefit them in many ways including having time for themselves. Not only will it help with peoples health, but it will encourage more people to join the centre.
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    Created by G A
  • Keep La Mare High Open 1 more year
    The new school system is not in an adequate place to adapt to the changes proposed in the new model. The proposal requires children from LMDC primary school to attend St Sampson High from 2023 due to the proposed closure of LMDC High School. However, the recent ofsted report for St Sampson High school shows the school is not fit for purpose and therefore a delay in the changes would allow the school to implement changes nessecary to take on more Yr 7 children from 2023 with better teaching models and school culture.
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    Created by Nicola Taylor
  • Herons: Allow drivers to wear shorts in hot weather
    This is such an important issue as I know from being an employee for herons for 12 years the summer months are hard just because you feel so hot and have no feel of relief from the heat, even when sat in an air conditioned cab.
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    Created by Richard Lawrence
  • Pay rise & travel costs for carers in Barking and Dagenham
    Today I speak for all carers in Barking and Dagenham. It’s important because we go under the radar. We are forgotten about. No one listens . We have a voice and we will be heard .
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    Created by Tina Bradley
  • Stop sexual harrasment and defilment in Kampala city suburbs
    Last year a man was arrested after we had investigated him for sexually harrasing six children.this man had done this for a whole year yet he was a friend to all the parents of the victims,it was hard for us cause he had established himself well among the community elders he had a post at the LC council,we have received alot of reports from different children concerning the same
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    Created by Ssesanga Faruk Picture
  • Ramps for willowbrook lawns
    Kids are at risk of being killed by dangerous drivers.
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    Created by Chris Sheridan
    I'm a mother of a boy diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.Type 1 diabetes is a rare disease whic is caused by malfunctioning of body's immune system. Body's immune system destroys the beta cells in a pancreas which are responsible to produce insulin and control the blood glucose level. Type 1 diabetes is currently treated by daily insulin injections several times after or before each mealtime. An uncontrolled blood glucose level may cause blindness, kidney failure, neuropathy and cardivascular diseases. Type 1 diabetes is a heavy burden mentally, physically and financially to all memmbers of the family. We urgently need a cure for type 1 diabetes!
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    Created by Ilaha Alakbarova
  • New Dress Code At Mesquite High School
    It’s important for us as students to express ourselves with our clothing because it allows us to express our identity and personalities by the types of clothing we wear. Our clothing allows us to show a piece of our true selves to our fellow classmates and teachers.
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    Created by Giselle Olivo
    Like most, the college advisory room has always been my safe space at meca. Yes the couch was comfy to lay on, but the overall atmosphere was what kept me in that room beyond the college application process. I knew the second I walked in I’d be greeted by an immediate “tell me about your day”, music blaring in the background, board games on the table and the overall laughter that was always lingering in the room. Each and every senior class to come deserves to share those same experiences, and that’s just impossible without Mr O.
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    Created by Stella Vasseur
  • Say no to Parking Permit Elizabeth Line Area (Redbridge)
    With the rise in the cost of living and fuel prices, it’s hard enough to live, already fuel prices have made it harder for motorists, don’t make us now pay to even park these vehicles outside our own homes. And then charge friends and family to visit and park on your road. Main point is, these roads are not used by commuters, and they won’t ever be as it would make no sense. Henley Road, Hampton Road, Kingston Road, Cavenham Gardens and Golf Road are not anywhere near so why have they been included.
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    Created by Nav Nabi