As a community, Caldicot endeavours to support its schools and the policies they put in place. However, many parents have been very concerned about the inflexibility of Caldicot School, and their inability to listen to 'their' community- the pupils. Well-being and fairness are at the heart of this petition. As parents and pupils, we are not looking to cause problems, only to resolve them. There are moments where a school needs to listen to its community- it's a two-way relationship. Parents would be happy to purchase school shorts if they were available as part of the school uniform. We need to respect the young children/adults of today. They are our future, and they will face problems far greater than wearing school shorts in the changing climate of our planet. Community, parents and pupils want to work together. We ask management at the school and governors to consider how important this petition is to 'our' community. And the impact it will have on the success of more positive relationships between school, parents and pupils.
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    Created by Claire Poole
  • Bring back Pipers funfair to Kinsale 2024: Bin the Bond
    Pipers funfair is part of the living history of Kinsale for the last century. Parents have brought their children to the traditional Showman's funfair for generations. It is part of our intangible cultural heritage, which is recognised by UNESCO and at a national level, fairground culture has already been included in the Intangible Heritage Inventory in 2021 in Ireland. We do not want to lose all of this history and culture for the sake of a few car parking spaces during the summer. Please help us.
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    Created by Marc O'Riain
  • Help the ER 8th graders get their dance
    We were told we would be getting a dance after our celebration ceremony, so when we found out we wouldn't be getting that, the whole grade was upset and disappointed.
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    Created by Ace Costello
  • Petition for Singpost to Revise on The Mailing Rates
    I understand that Singpost is trying to make money out of all of this, but i think that $1.55 for mailing just one envelope that is very light is just ridiculous.
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    Created by anonymous :)
  • Bring Back the Firepits at Aliso Beach
    Orange County has 838 wood burning firepits that are free, and a service to the taxpayers who finance the care of our beaches. Laguna Beach used to have 6 until the City took over jurisdiction from the County. Beach bonfires are a hallowed tradition in Southern California. It's the only way to enjoy the beach at night, and it brings people together, embracing the magic of the beach, the ocean, the stars, and the flames. It fosters connection, ceremony and celebration. In this fractured world, where loneliness has become an epidemic, we must have free places to gather in community. Fire does that.
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    Created by Billy Fried
  • Sir David Attenborough for Nobel Prize 2023
    Sir David is now 97 years old . Nobel Prizes are not awarded posthumously
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    Created by Jean Leslie
  • Save our cafe Fed and Watered
    Financial hardship, we work with the community
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    Created by Sharon Temple
  • Singapore: Stop Capital punishment for cannabis
    We are shocked that people are still being executed for Trafficking cannabis. The Global Cannabis Community is about 200 million people, who use this plant for many reasons, as this plant is versatile, for medical, industrial, recreational and spiritual uses laws have changed globally the last few decades.
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    Created by Win Matthews
  • We want 450 Degrees Pizza at LCI
    We, Residents of LCI-GLH, want 450 Degrees Pizza to stay at LCI keeping their operational days as Thursdays and Fridays!!!
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    Created by Sofia Lala
  • Stop New Youth Detention Centre in Cairns and Townsville (Crime Prevention Group Petition)
    The Queensland Dept of Youth Justice is spending ‘Hundreds of Millions’ of taxpayers money i.e.: $380-Million in Townsville and (proposed) $400-million on Cairns detention centres and creating the ‘Virtual Detention Centre Plan’ using 5G facial recognition surveillance cameras throughout the community - for a small group of KNOWN re-offending Youths.
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    Created by Alex James Picture
  • Prevent our historic bakery from being demolished
    The building was built in 1900’s, serving as a bakery until 1980 . The Scotch Oven is still in tact and there are very few remaining in Australia. The building remained unloved and unkempt for many years until sold 4 years ago , and was repaired and painted to preserve its history. It then has remained an Antique and curios shop with an adjoining Cafe Tea rooms. Visitors drive from near and far to take a walk back in time while enjoying a great coffee and home made food . If the building is demolished, two businesses are lost and our town of only 800 people and visitors will once again have restrictions as to when and where they can enjoy lunch or coffee . We’ve recently had a stunning Art installation on our Water Tower , with visitors enjoying the mural . Coffee and lunch always make the drive worthwhile!
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    Created by Virginia Scholz
  • Arrest this man for animal cruelty
    He kicked his dog to death and the police has done nothing. He's got other animals at his address, they should be rehomed and this person should be arrested. Sign and share the petition to demand justice!
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    Created by Justin Nickless