• People’s Market for Birkenhead
    The Community of The Wirral deserve to have a thriving People’s Market in the heart of Birkenhead.
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  • Stop Florida Bill, Beach safety absorption “SB 1588”
    Our beaches will be ruined, because law enforcement doesn’t have the proper training to deal with taking care of the beach. Tons of hardworking people who love our beaches will be put out of work by signing/passing this bill, some of these Men and women have spent there whole lives taking care of our beaches and this is how we repay them. Volusia county is know for its beautiful beaches, but people won’t come if it is not safe for them and there family by doing this we will loose many tourists who love to come and enjoy our beaches, Once again we humbly ask you to support local control of beach safety, 
Sincerely, Hope Neal
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    Created by Hope Neal
  • COP28 must commit to rural peoples' demands for food, land and climate justice
    If humanity is to survive and thrive, people's rights and sovereignty must be the center of sustainable development - not the narrow profit interests of big corporations. The COP28 climate talks is an opportunity for rural peoples to demand reforms that can help stop their communities' displacement, people's hunger, and the planet's destruction.
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    Created by Global People's Caravan On Food, Land and Climate Justice
  • Réintégration de la Directrice de Pimprenelle
    Depuis ce lundi, nous ressentons une différence de prise en charge concernant nos enfants. Les accueils et les départs se font dans la précipitation car les sections sont regroupées pour limiter le personnel présent. Même si l'équipe ne laisse transparaitre aucune pression, nous voyons que plusieurs parents attendent pour récupérer leurs enfants, chose qui n'était pas le cas avant le départ de la directrice. Toutes les activités ont été annulées ( sorties inter-crèche , piscines, café débat, sortie au musée ) et ce même les simples balades ne sont plus possibles. Le regroupement est la première étape d'une réorganisation interne qui va mettre à mal la prise en charge de nos enfants et de leurs besoins. Moins de temps, moins d'activités pour eux, une mauvaise ambiance de travail conduisant à un turn-over alors que l'équipe est stable depuis des années. La pénurie de professionnels sera tel que le recrutement de personnes non formées sera inévitable. Qu'en sera donc de la sécurité de nos enfants ? Des protocoles d'hygiène et de toutes les connaissances que possèdent l'équipe qui nous guide dans notre rôle de parents . Merci de signer la pétition. Parents, Grands parents, oncles et tantes de nos enfants. Aujourd'hui c'est notre crèche qui est en danger. Aidez nous à faire entendre raison à l'Association.
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    Created by Cerise Verte
  • Non à la 3eme candidature de Macky Sall
    Nul ne peut exercer plus de deux mandats consécutifs. Article 27 de la constitution
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  • Wolt: Better pay for drivers in Finland
    Drivers' pay needs to reflect current petrol prices, costs and inflation! If you agree, sign the petition, and share it everywhere, to put pressure on Wolt, to pay their drivers better! With the inflation everything has became more expensive, and instead of Wolt taking that into consideration and increase our fee per task, they have squeezed us drivers even more.
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    Created by Zak Zrar
  • International Health Care Professionals should treated as an asset for Canada Health System
    Pharmacists, physicians, nurses, Lab technicians, dentists that are internationally trained have the sufficient skills, competencies, experiences and knowledge to deal with different health issues in an efficient way. We aim to help Canadians to access to the right service in the right time frame with the right excellence that they deserve. Give us a chance to serve our new communities by facilitating our access to health care positions we previously practiced with a supervision or as internship probation time. You will be amazed of what we can offer and how fast we integrate in the system. Give us a hope by facilitating our professional integration in the Canadian system. You will not regret and you will enjoy the added value impacted by this simple change on improving health services.
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    Created by Hanane Aouizir
  • Côté d'Ivoire: Augmentation des congés de maternité de 3 mois à 6 mois
    Parlant de moi, je suis tomber enceinte en 2021, j'ai accouché d'une fille en octobre 2021. C'était assez difficile car j'habite Bonoua a 2 h d'abidjan et je travaille à Abidjan. Et lorsque j'ai accouché ma mère sur qui je comptais pour s'occuper de bb avait déménagée de Bonoua 3 mois avant donc imaginez. Quand je devais reprendre le travail mon bb avait 2 mois ,j'ai du combiné avec mes congés annuels pour qu'elle ait 3 mois.mais j'ai du arrêter le travail 1 mois après la reprise pour m'occuper de mon bb et l'idée de laisser mon enfant a la crèche me fendait le coeur. J'ai même faiili démissionner mais ma DRH m'a fait comprendre que je pouvais faire une mise en disponibilité. Et je l'ai fait pour 6 mois, je suis donc restée sans salaire. On a dû vivre avec les revenus de mon époux et quelque petites économies, ce n'était pas facile avec les charges du bb
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  • Stop Garment Worker Deaths #SigntheAccord
    This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, the deadliest industrial disaster in manufacturing history. 1,138 garment workers lost their lives, and over 2,500 more were injured as they made clothes for some of the world’s biggest fashion brands. Rana Plaza was a preventable tragedy. Clothing companies had been aware for years before the collapse that garment factories in Bangladesh did not meet international safety standards. Prior to the factory collapse, deaths from factory fires and unsafe construction were frequent, yet companies failed to take meaningful action to protect worker lives. After the horrific tragedy, dozens of brands came to the table to sign the Accord, a binding agreement to implement a transformative safety program which has stopped disasters like Rana Plaza from happening again, making workplaces safer for 2.5 million workers through factory renovations and worker education programs. While much progress on safety has been made in Bangladesh, it isn’t the only country where garment workers sew in dangerous conditions. In 2012, the Ali Enterprises factory fire in Karachi killed more than 260 garment workers. Since then, at least 135 workers have died in Pakistan’s textile and garment industry due to dangerous working conditions. Last year, the Accord was expanded to protect millions of textile and garment workers in Pakistan. More than 40 of fashion’s biggest brands have signed up to keep their workers safe, including American Eagle, ASOS, Bestseller, C&A, H&M, Primark, PVH (Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger), and Zara. While the Accord has saved lives and transformed workplace safety for a decade, the 12 brands listed below have yet to sign on, instead putting their profits above the lives of garment workers in Bangladesh and Pakistan. -Amazon -ASDA -Columbia Sportswear -Decathlon -Ikea -JC Penney -Kontoor Brands (Wrangler, Lee, and Rock & Republic) -Levi's -Target (USA) -Tom Tailor -URBN (Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People) -Walmart Join us in telling this dirty dozen that enough is enough, and that their refusal to support the Accord’s life-saving factory inspections and worker safety programs isn’t acceptable. Sign the petition to protect the lives of the people who make our clothes. #RanaPlazaNeverAgain STAY UPDATED: Accord Tracker (Bangladesh): https://cleanclothes.org/accord-tracker Accord Tracker (Pakistan): https://remake.world/pakistan-brand-tracker/ Get Involved in Campaign Work: https://linktr.ee/stopgarmentworkerdeaths
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  • Sauvons l’hôpital Lachine
    L’urgence doit restée ouverte 24/7 pour la sécurité des citoyens et citoyennes de la ville de Lachine et de tout l’ouest de l’île.
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    Created by Louise Brisson
    The Government employees and their family members after retirement deserves a decent and dignified retired life and right to live under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. Even under ILO Convention No.102 titled Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention, 1952 a minimum standard for the level of social security benefits which includes pension and family pension should be ensured by the member countries. Therefore we request your honour to kindly intervene in this serious matter and advise the Government of India to withdraw the No Guarantee NPS and restore back the defines and Guaranteed Old Pension Scheme to all the Central Government, State Government Employees, Teacher and their family members for which act of kindness we all will be grateful to you honour.
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    Created by Varun Sundararaj
  • Introducing The 1st Tattoo & Art Institution in Kansas
    I know this institution will improve and preserve the professional tattoo industry, in more ways than many realize. It will offer a safe and sanitary learning environment for students coming into the industry. With available access to tattoo equipment online, people will tattoo whether the industry wants them to or not. Why not offer them a place where they will have the opportunity to come in, pay tuition and earn a thorough training for safe practices to protect themselves and their clients from any infectious diseases, and/or blood bourne pathogens? It will create so many careers for not only our students, but opportunities for instructors and other staff we will need for the institution. This will create many jobs, and create more revenue for the state of Kansas. I believe this institution will bring people from states all over the country, because they know Kansas is the standard of professional tattooing and it will be a great opportunity to come here for a thorough training. Also, In many cases, when there is an opportunity given to learn from a licensed mentor, students are forced to pay 10k-15k up front and with the state not being involved with the one on one training of an apprentice, the trainer can cut the training of the student for any given reason, or if the trainer decides he/she is done and doesn’t want to continue to train this student, the state cannot and will not step in and force the trainer to refund or do right by the apprentice, because there is no legal agreement or contract through the state board. This happens way too often. If this is not passed many people will be forced to continue working from their home in a potentially unsafe, unsanitary environment, putting themselves and clients in danger, or they’ll have to leave the state for a fair shot at their desired career, or ultimately give up on their dreams. As stated before, there is a technical school, training school or institution for almost any career, but in the tattoo industry - you are forced to search for ONE person who will give you a fair opportunity and I believe that is unfair to those who have the passion and desire to learn and grow in their desired career of choice. The industry has grown tremendously, it’s time we facilitate it and share the knowledge of the industry the right way. As stated before, with easy access to tattoo equipment - people will tattoo regardless, why not help preserve our craft & help them earn a professional license? The state tattoo board is going through many changes to compete and compare with the licensing requirements of other surrounding states such as Colorado who has lenient licensing requirements, & Missouri who only require 300 hours to earn a professional license, the tattoo institution solves every problem our state board is facing. There are a few tattoo institutions in Europe, but the only tattoo institutions in the US are in Louisiana, Florida and Oregon, & they only require 360 hours to become a professional tattoo artist. Kansas currently requires a respectable 1200 hours to become a professional tattoo artist, an institution in the state of Kansas will not only preserve our craft but it will keep Kansas at the forefront as the standard of the professional tattoo industry.
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    Created by Denzelle Bailey