• We want 450 Degrees Pizza at LCI
    We, Residents of LCI-GLH, want 450 Degrees Pizza to stay at LCI keeping their operational days as Thursdays and Fridays!!!
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    Created by Sofia Lala
  • Stop New Youth Detention Centre in Cairns and Townsville (Crime Prevention Group Petition)
    The Queensland Dept of Youth Justice is spending ‘Hundreds of Millions’ of taxpayers money i.e.: $380-Million in Townsville and (proposed) $400-million on Cairns detention centres and creating the ‘Virtual Detention Centre Plan’ using 5G facial recognition surveillance cameras throughout the community - for a small group of KNOWN re-offending Youths.
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    Created by Alex James Picture
  • Prevent our historic bakery from being demolished
    The building was built in 1900’s, serving as a bakery until 1980 . The Scotch Oven is still in tact and there are very few remaining in Australia. The building remained unloved and unkempt for many years until sold 4 years ago , and was repaired and painted to preserve its history. It then has remained an Antique and curios shop with an adjoining Cafe Tea rooms. Visitors drive from near and far to take a walk back in time while enjoying a great coffee and home made food . If the building is demolished, two businesses are lost and our town of only 800 people and visitors will once again have restrictions as to when and where they can enjoy lunch or coffee . We’ve recently had a stunning Art installation on our Water Tower , with visitors enjoying the mural . Coffee and lunch always make the drive worthwhile!
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    Created by Virginia Scholz
  • People’s Market for Birkenhead
    The Community of The Wirral deserve to have a thriving People’s Market in the heart of Birkenhead.
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    Created by Birkenhead Marketer Picture
  • Direct flight Malta-Tirana
    Having a direct flight would be the best solution for all Albanians,we can fly more often,we can avoid sleeping in transit airports beacuse of delays or missing flights.
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    Created by Olson Curri
  • Stop Florida Bill, Beach safety absorption “SB 1588”
    Our beaches will be ruined, because law enforcement doesn’t have the proper training to deal with taking care of the beach. Tons of hardworking people who love our beaches will be put out of work by signing/passing this bill, some of these Men and women have spent there whole lives taking care of our beaches and this is how we repay them. Volusia county is know for its beautiful beaches, but people won’t come if it is not safe for them and there family by doing this we will loose many tourists who love to come and enjoy our beaches, Once again we humbly ask you to support local control of beach safety, 
Sincerely, Hope Neal
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    Created by Hope Neal
  • COP28 must commit to rural peoples' demands for food, land and climate justice
    If humanity is to survive and thrive, people's rights and sovereignty must be the center of sustainable development - not the narrow profit interests of big corporations. The COP28 climate talks is an opportunity for rural peoples to demand reforms that can help stop their communities' displacement, people's hunger, and the planet's destruction.
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    Created by Global People's Caravan On Food, Land and Climate Justice
  • Réintégration de la Directrice de Pimprenelle
    Depuis ce lundi, nous ressentons une différence de prise en charge concernant nos enfants. Les accueils et les départs se font dans la précipitation car les sections sont regroupées pour limiter le personnel présent. Même si l'équipe ne laisse transparaitre aucune pression, nous voyons que plusieurs parents attendent pour récupérer leurs enfants, chose qui n'était pas le cas avant le départ de la directrice. Toutes les activités ont été annulées ( sorties inter-crèche , piscines, café débat, sortie au musée ) et ce même les simples balades ne sont plus possibles. Le regroupement est la première étape d'une réorganisation interne qui va mettre à mal la prise en charge de nos enfants et de leurs besoins. Moins de temps, moins d'activités pour eux, une mauvaise ambiance de travail conduisant à un turn-over alors que l'équipe est stable depuis des années. La pénurie de professionnels sera tel que le recrutement de personnes non formées sera inévitable. Qu'en sera donc de la sécurité de nos enfants ? Des protocoles d'hygiène et de toutes les connaissances que possèdent l'équipe qui nous guide dans notre rôle de parents . Merci de signer la pétition. Parents, Grands parents, oncles et tantes de nos enfants. Aujourd'hui c'est notre crèche qui est en danger. Aidez nous à faire entendre raison à l'Association.
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    Created by Cerise Verte
  • Non à la 3eme candidature de Macky Sall
    Nul ne peut exercer plus de deux mandats consécutifs. Article 27 de la constitution
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    Created by Réewum Ngor République Des valeurs Picture
  • CCCJ: Exams should remain online for Semester 2 2022-2023
    The abrupt announcement to cancel online exams is affecting students both psychologically and financially because we are not mentally and physically prepared. Most J1 job opportunity starts on May 15th, and with exams ending May 26- June 2, 2023, most if not all students may not be able to obtain a summer job with the current exam schedule given this minimal time and short notice of this announcement. In addition, the evening school students will be at an advantage because their exams will be online, as opposed to the day school students. If this petition rules in the student's favor, then we will be more prepared for face-to-face exams in the upcoming academic year, 2023 to 2024. Add your name to the petition, and share it everywhere to demand that exams remain online!
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    Created by Ashli-Ann Graham
  • "Communiversity" - A new approach to serving youth in Baltimore City.
    Baltimore needs an approach that brings all services together, providing a roadmap of success from the earliest possible age until they are well on their way to being a productive member of society, and the city we love. Absence of this happening, we will continue to see our city and citizens die. Our babies are dying!!!!
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    Created by Edward Hill
  • Evacuer le Président Ousmane SONKO pour des soins.
    Nous assistons à des otages politiques de plus en plus au Sénégal. Une oppression sans cesse des opposants. Tout droit et devoir sont devenus restreints. L'opposant Ousmane Sonko est le parfait illustratif qui subit une injustice sans commune mesure depuis qu'il a commencé à défendre les intérêts du peuple sénégalais contre le régime d'où sa vie est devenue de plus en plus exposée.
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    Created by Babacar Ndiaye