• Contre la mise en concession privée du camping municipal du Gurp, à Grayan et l'Hôpital
    La concession fait courir des risques d'évolution du site qu'il n'est pas utile d'aborder ici car, quoiqu'il en soit, nous n'en avons pas besoin. Seule la régie municipale peut garantir la préservation de l'intérêt général sous le contrôle démocratique, et avec la participation, des habitants de la commune. Le Gurp Ensemble soutient l'intelligence collective des citoyens pour imaginer le devenir du Gurp, et non la boussole du profit d'un investisseur privé.
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    As residents, we have a right to drive safely on our roads and walk on pavements safely without looking for different routes due to the flooding problem in this area. Therefore we decided to set up this petition and take action. This petition will be delivered to Hertfordshire County Council and Herts Highways team.
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    Created by Rody Ribeiro
  • Bring Paisanos Back
    Gathering our community support to save an authentic Italian restaurant that brought family and friends together and was an asset to Pacifica.
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    Created by Sierra Cunningham
  • Stop the Ammonia Plant in Armeria/Cuyutlan, Colima Mexico
    Armeria and Cuyutlan Colima are a small rural area blessed with some of Mexico’s most lovely and important natural resources. This ammonia plant has an intended location on land close to the Estero Palo Verde, the Cuyutlan Vaso IV lagoon, the town fishing boat and beach of Cuyutlan, birthplace of the green wave, to the arrival area of turtles since forever, that is why there is a turtle sanctuary here, and the salt extraction which has a pre-Hispanic heritage, to the wetlands area and mangroves. Presently the environmental impact study in its regional modality and which is being evaluated by SEMARNAT, does not consider these environmental elements of great importance for the environment and or social value. On the contrary, it defines them as areas without value for the conservation. This is putting at risk the people who live in the area of development. This will destroy a National Estuary, the waterways, the means of livelihood for local people and the safety of endangered species. The present environmental policies are being replaced with a Urban Development Program to the detriment of the local people and environment. They are being replaced in favour of the GIANT Coorporation FERMACHEN who plan to produce 3,500 metric tons of ammonia per day!!! This must be stopped!!!
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    Created by Dee durkot
  • Special Legislative Session for the Conditional Adult Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) program.
    Dear Petitioners, I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits! I am writing to share an exciting initiative that holds immense potential for our community. It is my pleasure to introduce the Conditional Adult Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) and request your support in codifying it into statute. CAURD represents a progressive step forward in ensuring responsible and controlled access to adult-use recreational cannabis. This initiative brings numerous benefits to our community, touching upon various aspects that contribute to our collective well-being. Allow me to outline a few key reasons why codifying CAURD into statute is essential: 1. Economic Growth: 2. Public Health and Safety: 3. Social Equity: 4. Tax Revenue for Community Programs: 5. Regulation and Control: Without codifying CAURD into statute, the regulations governing adult-use recreational dispensaries could be subject to frequent changes or even reversal. By establishing it as a statutory law, we guarantee stability, consistency, and effective governance, ensuring that the industry operates within a well-defined framework. There are hundreds of families facing real financial loss or worse; the prospect of bankruptcy due to their reliance on this deeply troubled business initiative. This program was designed with the intention of correcting some of the harm inflicted on the applicants through the prohibition of cannabis but we now find ourselves in a position where we are being harmed anew. While the conditional cultivators and processors were modified into the MRTA we, the justice-involved, have been neglected and left exposed to great harm. In conclusion, I kindly request your support in codifying CAURD into statute for the betterment of our community. This initiative not only presents a tremendous opportunity for economic growth but also prioritizes public health, social equity, and community development. Together, we can build a brighter future that embraces responsible cannabis use and reaps the manifold benefits that CAURD offers. Please extend your support by signing this petition and then share it with your local Senator & Assembly Leader. Here is a list of emails provided below: Democratic Senators Below Joseph P. Addabbo Jr [email protected] Jamaal Bailey [email protected] Neil D Breslin [email protected] Jabari Brisport [email protected] Brouk, Samra G [email protected] Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick, Patricia M [email protected] Chu, Iwen [email protected] Cleare, Cordell [email protected] Comrie, Leroy G., Jr [email protected] Cooney, Jeremy A [email protected] Felder, Simcha [email protected] Fernandez, Nathalia [email protected] Gianaris, Michael N. [email protected] Gonzalez, Kristen S. [email protected] Gounardes, Andrew S. [email protected] Harckham, Peter B. [email protected] Hinchey, Michelle hinche[email protected] Hoylman-Sigal, Brad [email protected] Jackson, Robert [email protected] Kavanagh, Brian [email protected] Krueger, Liz [email protected] Liu, John C. [email protected] Mannion, John W. [email protected] Martinez, Monica R. [email protected] May, Rachel [email protected] Mayer, Shelley B. [email protected] Myrie, Zellnor Y. [email protected] Parker, Kevin S. [email protected] Persaud, Roxanne J. [email protected] Ramos, Jessica [email protected] Rivera, Gustavo [email protected] Ryan, Sean M. [email protected] Salazar, Julia [email protected] Sanders, James, Jr. [email protected] Scarcella-Spanton, Jessica [email protected] Sepulveda, Luis R [email protected] Serrano, Jose M. [email protected] Skoufis, James [email protected] Stavisky, Toby Ann [email protected] Stewart-Cousins, Andrea [email protected] Thomas, Kevin M. [email protected] Webb, Lea E [email protected] Assembly Leaders Below: Carl E. Heastie [email protected] Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes [email protected] Helene E. Weinstein [email protected] Phil Ramos [email protected] Vivian E. Cook [email protected] Jeffrion L. Aubry [email protected] Alicia Hyndman [email protected] Al Taylor [email protected] Michaelle C. Solages [email protected] Charles D. Fall [email protected] Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn [email protected] Inez E. Dickens [email protected] Simcha Eichenstein [email protected] Jonathan G. Jacobson [email protected] Kenny Burgos [email protected] Chris Burdick [email protected] William Colton [email protected] Monica P. Wallace [email protected] Nader J. Sayegh [email protected] Sarah Clark [email protected] Karines Reyes [email protected] William A. Barclay [email protected] Andy Goodell [email protected] Mary Beth Walsh [email protected] Joseph M. Giglio [email protected] Stephen Hawley [email protected] Philip A. Palmesano [email protected] Ken Blankenbush [email protected] Karl Brabenec [email protected] David DiPietro [email protected] Robert Smullen [email protected] Michael J. Norris [email protected] Michael Reilly [email protected] Brian Manktelow [email protected] David G. McDonough [email protected] Chris Tague [email protected] Angelo J. Morinello [email protected] Brian D. Miller [email protected] Michael J. Fitzpatrick [email protected] Doug Smith [email protected] Edward P. Ra [email protected] Thank you for your time and consideration. Warm regards, New York CAURD Coalition
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  • Save Hatfield Station’s ticket office
    We are calling on you to save Hatfield Station’s ticket office. You can also have your say by https://www.greatnorthernrail.com/publicconsultation?utm_campaign=GN_Service_Consultation_060723&utm_content=%E2%80%9Cexample_label%E2%80%9D&utm_term&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Adestra&fbclid=IwAR0QLkN4FIVqKbLnSA9gnOlBqNGtBcA2bh_tYG4kjxISDGaExTBz9nH2Io4_aem_AQP1t3qh2FiKtaXUPX-XsK5TkDSoZ-AeixdVaEquWj9Zo8PTd8BN_h8x7mNvY4qS4TI
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  • Allow CLC Alumni Day This Summer
    CLC holds a special place in all of our hearts. Crane Lake has always been about its people, and the community of the bubble has always been about more than just the people who are there for the summer. The moment camp severs its relationship with its alumni, it ceases to be camp. We love and care too much about this place to see that happen. We grew up at Crane Lake and having the opportunity to come back and revisit childhood memories is such a special opportunity. An opportunity that is too important to see it slip away.
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    Created by Andrew DelAngelo
  • Say 'NO' to Russian Backed Nuclear Power Plant in Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka is a tiny country with 23,000 Square miles-Russian backed Nuclear Power plant is not for Sri Lanka!
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    Created by Ananda Seneviratne PhD
  • Urgent Protection for the stray cats in Plaka forest and on the island of Kos.
    The Cats and animals should be allowed to live with no fear of harm and persecution. They are an attraction within Plaka forest and enjoyed by many. They should not be allowed to be used as sport by callous, evil individuals. We would like a protection order issued and maybe web based CCTV installed in the forest to protect and prevent any more unnecessary harm inflicted on these poor, defenceless animals.
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    Created by Paul Curtis
  • Bring back Pipers funfair to Kinsale 2024: Bin the Bond
    Pipers funfair is part of the living history of Kinsale for the last century. Parents have brought their children to the traditional Showman's funfair for generations. It is part of our intangible cultural heritage, which is recognised by UNESCO and at a national level, fairground culture has already been included in the Intangible Heritage Inventory in 2021 in Ireland. We do not want to lose all of this history and culture for the sake of a few car parking spaces during the summer. Please help us.
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    Created by Marc O'Riain
  • Help the ER 8th graders get their dance
    We were told we would be getting a dance after our celebration ceremony, so when we found out we wouldn't be getting that, the whole grade was upset and disappointed.
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    Created by Ace Costello
  • Singapore: Stop Capital punishment for cannabis
    We are shocked that people are still being executed for Trafficking cannabis. The Global Cannabis Community is about 200 million people, who use this plant for many reasons, as this plant is versatile, for medical, industrial, recreational and spiritual uses laws have changed globally the last few decades.
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    Created by Win Matthews