• COP28 must commit to rural peoples' demands for food, land and climate justice
    If humanity is to survive and thrive, people's rights and sovereignty must be the center of sustainable development - not the narrow profit interests of big corporations. The COP28 climate talks is an opportunity for rural peoples to demand reforms that can help stop their communities' displacement, people's hunger, and the planet's destruction.
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    Created by Global People's Caravan On Food, Land and Climate Justice
  • Non à la 3eme candidature de Macky Sall
    Nul ne peut exercer plus de deux mandats consécutifs. Article 27 de la constitution
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    Created by Réewum Ngor République Des valeurs Picture
  • Women's soccer without boundaries
    Ich spiele seitdem ich 8 Jahre alt bin Fußball und es war immer schon eher schwierig diesem Hobby zu folgen. Verurteilende Blicke, Verständnislosigkeit, lange Anfahrten, Kosten, Schwierigkeiten gute Trainer*innen zu finden,... Und trotzdem spiele ich Fussball, weil es mir Spaß macht und ich die Bewegung und die frische Luft liebe. Ich spiele Fussball, weil ich es liebe Zusammen mit 10 (und mehr!) Mädels am Platz zu stehen und auf ein Ziel hinzuarbeiten! Fußball fördert das Selbstbewusstsein, die Teamfähigkeit, die Entwicklung eines sogenannten "Siegeswillen" und und und... Lauter positive Dinge die wir als Frauen in der Schule eh kaum vermitteln bekommen. Es macht mich traurig, dass Frauen auch hier den Folgen des Jahrhunderte schwer ausgelebten Patriarchats ertragen müssen und nur es nur wenige Spielerinnen gibt, die vom Fußballspielen leben können. Es macht mich traurig, dass viele Frauen mit 8 mal im Verein geschnuppert haben aber gleich wieder aufgehört haben, weil es für sie untragbar war neben 20 Burschen das einzige Mädchen zu sein und komisch angeschaut zu werden. Es macht mich traurig, dass Frauen ihren Traum vom Profifußball meist schnell an den Nagel hängen, weil das selten gut vereinbar ist mit Ausbildung und Beruf. Ich wünsche mir Veränderung auf allen Ebenen und hoffe mit einer Bewegung im Fussball auch eine Veränderung in den anderen Sportarten zu bewirken. Das Problem herrscht überall (Annähernd Gleichberechtigung gibt es vielleicht beim Tennis und Schifahren).
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    Created by Lara Krampf
  • "Communiversity" - A new approach to serving youth in Baltimore City.
    Baltimore needs an approach that brings all services together, providing a roadmap of success from the earliest possible age until they are well on their way to being a productive member of society, and the city we love. Absence of this happening, we will continue to see our city and citizens die. Our babies are dying!!!!
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    Created by Edward Hill
  • Evacuer le Président Ousmane SONKO pour des soins.
    Nous assistons à des otages politiques de plus en plus au Sénégal. Une oppression sans cesse des opposants. Tout droit et devoir sont devenus restreints. L'opposant Ousmane Sonko est le parfait illustratif qui subit une injustice sans commune mesure depuis qu'il a commencé à défendre les intérêts du peuple sénégalais contre le régime d'où sa vie est devenue de plus en plus exposée.
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    Bal mawon ki anndan kou pwofesè Sorel JASMIN an riske paralize 4 manm li yo si li pa fè yon operasyon prese prese. An n rele anmwey sekou pou kòlèg Sorel k ap soufri!
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    Created by Sendika REFERANS
  • International Health Care Professionals should treated as an asset for Canada Health System
    Pharmacists, physicians, nurses, Lab technicians, dentists that are internationally trained have the sufficient skills, competencies, experiences and knowledge to deal with different health issues in an efficient way. We aim to help Canadians to access to the right service in the right time frame with the right excellence that they deserve. Give us a chance to serve our new communities by facilitating our access to health care positions we previously practiced with a supervision or as internship probation time. You will be amazed of what we can offer and how fast we integrate in the system. Give us a hope by facilitating our professional integration in the Canadian system. You will not regret and you will enjoy the added value impacted by this simple change on improving health services.
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    Created by Hanane Aouizir
  • Put on hold the Establishment of Chinese Medicine Council (CMC)
    CMC is an organization that will not receive any government funding and the entire funding relies on acupuncturists. Besides the CMC expenses report has never shown operating expenses with detailed budgeting, and the uncertainty amount of running CMC makes the acupuncturist feel insecure. Moreover, CMC is urgently demanding a massive fee of $485,787 from AcNZ & NZASA to continue its establishment and operation, however, there is no obligation for members to contribute! In the end, we hope that the establishment of CMC will be put on hold until the economy improves and restarts the establishment by gaining agreement from the majority of members. Please sign to show your support!
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    Created by General Acupuncturists
  • Make the Roundabout safer
    On the first of April last year l was at the roundabout crossing, I thought the truck had seen me. It didn’t and after he gave way to the car they took off l was hit and a 20 year old man pulled out in front of the truck and saved my life. I was lucky l survived. I have been recovering from multiple injuries and lm blessed by the amazing support from family, friends and the community. I have been in touch with the council, Vic roads about making the crossing safer as the reason the accident happened was l couldn’t be seen. My suggestion was to put a mirror up so larger vehicles and trucks could look to see if someone was crossing at the pedestrian crossing between the Hotspot and the Telegraph hotel. Mary-Anne Thomas Minister for Health since June 2022 and MP for Macedon Rangers and her team have helped me through some trying times trying to improve the safety of the roundabout dealing with both the Macedon Rangers Shire Council and Department of Roads and Transport of Victoria as they own half the roundabout each. The latest feedback l have been given is that a decision might be made regarding an upgrade in April/May but again was not guaranteed this is the second time that l have been told this and it’s disappointing it’s been a year since l was lucky enough not to lose my life. I will do all l can to try to make this roundabout safer. I have sat at the roundabout and watched traffic. There are changes that would make it so much safer my request is a mirror. Why l am doing this is l don’t want anyone else to go through what l have or worse lose a life. This effected so many people my partner, my family and all my friends no one else should be at risk. I’m asking today for everyone to get behind me with making it safer. Please use your voice.
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  • Stop Garment Worker Deaths #SigntheAccord
    This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, the deadliest industrial disaster in manufacturing history. 1,138 garment workers lost their lives, and over 2,500 more were injured as they made clothes for some of the world’s biggest fashion brands. Rana Plaza was a preventable tragedy. Clothing companies had been aware for years before the collapse that garment factories in Bangladesh did not meet international safety standards. Prior to the factory collapse, deaths from factory fires and unsafe construction were frequent, yet companies failed to take meaningful action to protect worker lives. After the horrific tragedy, dozens of brands came to the table to sign the Accord, a binding agreement to implement a transformative safety program which has stopped disasters like Rana Plaza from happening again, making workplaces safer for 2.5 million workers through factory renovations and worker education programs. While much progress on safety has been made in Bangladesh, it isn’t the only country where garment workers sew in dangerous conditions. In 2012, the Ali Enterprises factory fire in Karachi killed more than 260 garment workers. Since then, at least 135 workers have died in Pakistan’s textile and garment industry due to dangerous working conditions. Last year, the Accord was expanded to protect millions of textile and garment workers in Pakistan. More than 40 of fashion’s biggest brands have signed up to keep their workers safe, including American Eagle, ASOS, Bestseller, C&A, H&M, Primark, PVH (Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger), and Zara. While the Accord has saved lives and transformed workplace safety for a decade, the 12 brands listed below have yet to sign on, instead putting their profits above the lives of garment workers in Bangladesh and Pakistan. -Amazon -ASDA -Columbia Sportswear -Decathlon -Ikea -JC Penney -Kontoor Brands (Wrangler, Lee, and Rock & Republic) -Levi's -Target (USA) -Tom Tailor -URBN (Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People) -Walmart Join us in telling this dirty dozen that enough is enough, and that their refusal to support the Accord’s life-saving factory inspections and worker safety programs isn’t acceptable. Sign the petition to protect the lives of the people who make our clothes. #RanaPlazaNeverAgain STAY UPDATED: Accord Tracker (Bangladesh): https://cleanclothes.org/accord-tracker Accord Tracker (Pakistan): https://remake.world/pakistan-brand-tracker/ Get Involved in Campaign Work: https://linktr.ee/stopgarmentworkerdeaths
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  • The need to construct A CACIA FEEDER road is urgent, Append your signature to have your voice heard
    We care about the construction of a road in this area because it directly impacts the health, safety, and well-being of the residents and users of the road. The excessive amount of dust generated by the unpaved road poses serious health risks, especially for vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly. It can cause respiratory complications and allergies, which can have long-lasting effects on people's health. Additionally, the current road conditions make it difficult for emergency vehicles to reach those in need and for residents to access essential services such as hospitals and schools. It also hinders transportation of goods and services, making it difficult for businesses to operate effectively in the area. By constructing a proper road, we can provide safer and more reliable transportation for everyone who uses this road. It will improve the quality of life for the residents and positively impact the economy by promoting business growth in the area. Overall, we care about the construction of this road because it is a fundamental right of every citizen to have access to basic amenities such as safe and reliable transportation. We believe that every individual deserves to live in a healthy, safe, and prosperous community, and constructing a proper road will help achieve this goal.
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    Created by shafi mshindi
  • Maryland lawmakers: Protect kids online
    We are teens, parents, and people all across the US that care for the wellbeing of kids and the impact social media is having on them. This mental health crisis transcends political leanings, race and religion. Join us in demanding lawmakers protect kids instead of tech execs that care mostly about profits.
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    Created by rewan al-haddad