• People’s Market for Birkenhead
    The Community of The Wirral deserve to have a thriving People’s Market in the heart of Birkenhead.
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  • Hoofddoek op Kadeurne
    Het hoofddoekenverbod is een verbod dat scholen en werkgevers het recht geeft om leerlingen en werknemers te verbieden een hoofddoek te dragen om zo een neutrale omgeving te creëren. Een neutrale omgeving is naar mijn mening een omgeving waar iedereen de ruimte heeft een eigen mening te vormen zonder het gevoel te krijgen in een bepaalde richting geduwd te worden. Maar dat zou niet mogen betekenen dat je jezelf niet mag zijn. Ik ben een moslima dus ik geloof in de Islam. Dit is mijn persoonlijke geloofsovertuiging. Mijn hoofddoek is daar een fysieke voorstelling van. Maar dit is mijn leven, mijn keuze en mijn geloofsovertuiging. Ik dwing niemand om dezelfde keuzes te maken noch overtuig ik iemand in mijn religie te geloven door het dragen van een hoofddoek. Zolang ik dat blijf doen verhinder ik op geen enkele manier de ontwikkeling van een kritisch standpunt omtrent religie van iemand anders. Maar toch wordt mijn hoofddoek verboden op school. Ik zie mijn identiteit als een grote puzzel van meer dan duizend stukjes. Mijn hoofddoek wordt vertegenwoordigd door meerdere puzzelstukjes. Elke ochtend als ik naar school ga en ik mijn hoofddoek uitdoe vallen deze puzzelstukjes op de grond aan de schoolpoort. Ze blijven daar eenzaam liggen tot ik terug naar huis ga en ik mijn hoofddoek weer mag aandoen. Bij het binnengaan is mijn puzzel niet volledig. Ik ben niet honderd procent mezelf. Niet omdat ik bang ben om mezelf te zijn maar omdat ik mezelf niet mag zijn. Ik word verplicht om mijn hoofddoek af te zetten. Mijn vrijheid wordt afgenomen. En dat in een zogenaamd vrij land. De hoofddoek is geen symbool van onderdrukking of een symbool van ongelijkheid tussen man en vrouw. De hoofddoek is een keuze die elke vrouw zelf moet maken met de juiste intenties. In de islam is het verboden om iemand te verplichten een hoofddoek te dragen. Want dan zal ze de hoofddoek dragen met de foute intenties. Er bestaan moslima’s die beslissen geen hoofddoek te dragen. En dat is hun keuze. Ik ontken niet dat sommige meisjes verplicht worden van thuis uit om de hoofddoek te dragen. Maar dat probleem los je niet op met een hoofddoekenverbod op school. Je doet namelijk hetzelfde maar dan in de tegengestelde richting. In plaats van meisjes verplichten iets aan te doen, verplicht je nu meisjes om iets uit te doen. Je vecht tegen de onderdrukking van sommige meisjes door andere meisjes te onderdrukken. Je bestrijdt vuur met vuur. Je probeert vrijheid te geven door vrijheid te ontnemen. Dit kan nooit de juiste oplossing zijn. Je vecht ook niet voor gelijkheid tussen man en vrouw door akkoord te gaan met een hoofddoekenverbod. Je ontneemt namelijk de vrijheid van een vrouw om zelf te beslissen wat ze wil dragen, iets waar het feminisme juist voor strijdt. Het maakt niet uit of een vrouw een minirok, een topje, een bikini, een lange jurk, een broek of een short wil dragen. Het is haar lichaam, haar leven en dus haar vrije keuze. Hetzelfde geldt voor een hoofddoek. Je kan jezelf dus geen feminist noemen en voor het hoofddoekenverbod zijn. Een hoofddoekenverbod heeft niets met neutraliteit of emancipatie te maken. Het verbod is namelijk een vorm van onderdrukking. Ik vind het moeilijk te begrijpen dat ik in een land leef dat de hoofddoek wil verbieden omdat het een symbool van onderdrukking is maar moeite heeft met het weghalen van standbeelden van Leopold II die miljoenen Congolezen heeft onderdrukt. Dit toont aan dat het hoofddoekenverbod een kwestie van islamofobie is. Ik ben kwaad. Kwaad in de zin dat ik in een vrij, democratisch land als België nooit volledig mezelf kan zijn. Ik ben kwaad dat mensen meer geven om wat je draagt en hoe je eruitziet dan om je kennis en intelligentie. Ik wil naar school als mezelf. Ik wil in een aula zitten met allerlei soorten mensen. Ik wil diversiteit zien. Ik wil mijn hoofddoek aanhebben. Ik wil mezelf zijn. Wij willen onszelf zijn. Laat ons onszelf zijn.
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  • COP28 must commit to rural peoples' demands for food, land and climate justice
    If humanity is to survive and thrive, people's rights and sovereignty must be the center of sustainable development - not the narrow profit interests of big corporations. The COP28 climate talks is an opportunity for rural peoples to demand reforms that can help stop their communities' displacement, people's hunger, and the planet's destruction.
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    Created by Global People's Caravan On Food, Land and Climate Justice
  • Sign “yes” for events indoors/outdoors at the Old House in Hog Hollow
    For so long we have been isolated, we want to bring back that feeling of togetherness, be that place, to have somewhere to go. We want to give back to the community and host events that the community can participate in. We want to host your event. Help create those memories for you and your loved ones. Celebrate your special occasions and make an everlasting moment for you and those around you. We want to strive to know the needs of the community and participate where we are called. Host events for local firefighters, non-profit organization, and things we believe in. Help raise money to those in need. While doing it together. Let us be that place.
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  • Defund the ULEZ and Get Khan in Court!
    The ULEZ scheme will instantly wipe out the value of what is for many people a hard earned capital item they rely on to transport them to work, school, to care for children and elderly parents, social, volunteer and leisure activities, emergency medical visits, medical appointments and so on. Attacking someone's person by launching policies which devalue their assets is unlawful behaviour. The people most affected by the scheme are also the most vulnerable since they are the least able to afford a so-called compliant vehicle let alone the extortionate £12.50 ULEZ charge each time they want or need to travel. Although Khan claims that only 8% of car owners in the expansion zone drive non-compliant cars, the true figure is more like 40% including those who don't have a voice such as children and sick people reliant on others to drive them places to access life in general, plus penalising the poorest members of society who will see their cars devalued overnight. Such wilful harming of people by those in public office is unlawful at the best of times but at the current time, when people are struggling to pay bills and businesses are attempting to recover following the impact of lock downs is a particularly heinous crime against the people. As things stand, Health, Education and Social Care are already finding it difficult to recruit Nurses, Teachers and Care Workers in the capital due to the exorbitant ULEZ charge. This recruitment problem will extend to the outer London Boroughs if the ULEZ is expanded which will be disastrous for Havering where there are a high number of elderly residents requiring Care Workers. ULEZ expansion will not only affect Havering residents, but also anyone outside of London in a non-compliant vehicle visiting Havering for business, work, social or domestic purposes. Many grandparents will be unable to afford to travel to help with childcare: nor will people be able to afford visits to elderly relatives if they have to pay £12.50 for each journey. The resulting poverty and social isolation will affect the physical, mental and economic health of the people by reducing their autonomy, restricting their freedom of movement and limiting their opportunities (all of which are breaches of Human Rights) resulting in reduced quality of life and dependency on welfare support. Car drivers already pay a premium in road tax to cover carbon emissions so ULEZ charges are an unlawful attempt at impoverishing car owners by taxing them off the road. Current Road Tax entitles all drivers to freedom of movement with which no government has the right to interfere. Thus Central government who are responsible for funding the ULEZ rollout and Local government currently alleging they are powerless to prevent its expansion are all attempting to coerce the public into acting against their own interests. We the people of Havering see through this deception and assert our democratic right to insist you mount a legal challenge against Sadiq Khan and that you lobby Parliament to withdraw the budget for the rollout of the ULEZ expansion.
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  • Power outage in Elwak, Petition against KPLC
    Having a stable power is our right and not a privilege. We can't live with constant power outages. We are starting this petition to get over 2k people to sign and share the result with the headquarters and human right for action. Please sign and share as much as possible. After getting the target number we will request KPLC to add Elwak to its national grid to which, if they refuse we shall peacefully do away with KPLC and invite other electricity companies, the past and present leaders are and have never tried to bring a solution thus its high time we as clients to take the matter into our hands and do something.
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    Created by Kullow Ibrahim
  • Preventative Care for Breast Cancer Survivors who had Mastectomies
    Let me introduce myself. My name is Elissa Brown and I am a 52 year old breast cancer survivor single mother of two disabled children. When I was in my teenage years I had already made one of the biggest life saving decisions of my life. I had made the decision that when I am diagnosed with breast cancer, I was going to have a bilateral mastectomy. Until then I was going to be very diligent on my preventative care to find the cancer early. It was just going to be a matter of time for this to happen. My two paternal aunts passed away from breast cancer (1 misdiagnosed for not having it). My mother and her sister had breast cancer as well however, both survivors. We all had the genetic testing, but none of us carry the gene, yet all were diagnosed . So at the age of 46 I was diagnosed and had my bilateral mastectomy, expanders and implants. As my yearly preventative care came around, I was then informed I am no longer eligible for preventative care. At that point, I had demanded an ultrasound and was not going to take no for an answer. The doctor that did the mastectomy did an ultrasound and found a 6 mm smooth round nodule (not a cyst). However, if it is not a cyst, then what is it? I’m not concerned with a cyst, I want to know what it is. The doctor said he will see me in 6 months. After his response, I decided to seek Healthcare somewhere else. I’m glad I did because the smooth round nodule (not a cyst had to be removed). Every year, I go to the doctor for my yearly check up and they feel my implants and tell me I am fine. I have a huge problem with this. The doctor cannot feel behind the implants. To tell me I that I am cancer free is a lie. A doctor can’t possibly know this without testing if you have implants. You hear EVERY DAY, “well she had breast cancer and was in remission but now she is dead”. She probably wasn’t in remission. She didn’t get tested until it was to late. Problem is you don’t feel cancer until it’s to late. How many times do you hear this story? A LOT. Maybe something needs to finally be done about it. I would rather have the Radiology in an MRI and find the cancer before it’s a problem, then to have an MRI to find out I am dying. People don’t have a mastectomy to die from breast cancer, we have it to save our lives. However, not being entitled to life saving tests yearly just like everyone else, is actually taking my rights away. If I have medical coverage, even if you don’t; you should still be entitled to the same testing everyone else is. Stress causes Cancer. You know what is stressful everyday? Wondering if you have cancer the past 4 years, but don’t know because you have no rights to testing like everyone else, because you cut your percentage down by having a mastectomy. Well obviously not if everyday we are hearing this same thing “she had cancer, was in remission, but we caught it to late this time”. Ask yourself; if you, your mother, grandmother, daughter, granddaughter fought breast cancer and had a mastectomy, would you be upset if they weren’t allowed the medical care they deserve and pay for? Would you be upset if they could have found it sooner, but didn’t so now they will suffer in pain till they die? What about the loved ones watching them die a slow death everyday from cancer but they didn’t have to, because a test would have found it earlier. Also every breast center needs to have a psychologist and psychiatrist on staff. Mental health providers have long waiting lists or do not accept your medical coverage. Everyone who is having a surgery that deforms you, you cannot mentally prepare yourself to take your bandage off. Transgenders can’t have their reassignment surgery without seeking mental therapy and having approval. Why are cancer patients held to less standards and this is actually emergency surgery to save your life. Something urgently needs to be done for cancer survivors preventative care. Physical leads to mental and mental leads to physical. So how does one heal if you cannot care for both issues? I ask you to make this issue your utmost priority and think of how children can actually have their parent or a spouse can have their spouse or a parent can have their child for many more years. You can fix this and make this happen.
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    As members of Edinburgh’s faith communities we are deeply concerned about the ‘Cost of Living Crisis.’ Thousands of households are in serious financial difficulty caused by spiralling food and energy costs. Many are facing a choice between eating, or heating their homes. Others are falling behind on rent and mortgage payments, with some facing eviction and homelessness. It goes without saying that such anxieties negatively impact people’s mental and physical health. Currently society, both locally and globally, has become grossly unbalanced with the majority of wealth in the hands of one percent of the population. This is as unjust as it is unsustainable. It is also unjust that food banks and warm banks are becoming normalised. In accord with the sentiments of Scotland’s national bard Robert Burns, we believe that “We should measure our society on how we treat our fellow human beings.” Therefore we call upon our local and national leaders to act now and restore the balance by passing radical legislation and implementing the laws needed to protect the most vulnerable in our society. That way lies a future economy that is intelligent, sustainable and equitable to all. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAT WORDS.
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  • Ulster Co. (NY) Requires an FBI Agent Be Immediately Assigned to a Satellite Office Here
    Ulster County is the second fastest growing county in New York State. Local law enforcement, burdened as it is by unprecedented organic growth in the local population, needs Federal support. Gov. Hochul's Task Force mandate speaks directly to that dire need. In our hearts, we want to believe the unthinkable can never happen here in progressive Ulster. In our heads, we all know it can. The FBI must name a point person in Ulster Co. who is visibly and operationally responsible for working with local law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of its 182,000+ residents.
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    Created by David Drimer
  • Texas: Put a price cap on rented accommodation
    I'm a caregiver, and Minister. I work mainly with families, and I have assisted a few families with children who are currently living in hotels. More are being force out everyday. I was born and raised in Texas. Never thought I would witness such heartbreaking situation. A change needs to take place. Please sign the petition, and share far and wide, to demand a cap of the skyrocketing rental prices.
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    Created by Shirley Frazier
  • Demand better work and management from First Port property Management
    With the current state of our economic climate, we cannot stand for companies overcharging or for not doing the work they are charging for. We need to come together and call them out to make a change happen.
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    Created by Alastair Pullan
  • Disavow newly proposed PAYE TAX changes and guarantee freedoms to live
    The current salary scheme has already given 60 - 70% loan and credit card facilities. In most of the cases, the rest of 30 - 35% have Utility bill(s), food, fuel, medicine, school/Uni payments, etc… where NO savings at all. So, this is a really unfair decision. Consumer price inflation - 69.8% Food costs which hit a new record level of 94.9% CPI in Colombo increased by 3.8%, up from a 2.5% rise in August https://www.cbsl.gov.lk/en/measures-of-consumer-price-inflation If the government implements this new tax proposal without considering the public concerns, millions of people and their kids will be kicked to the roads. So....we have to stop this new PAYE TAX proposal.
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    Created by Kanchana Gajanayake