As residents, we have a right to drive safely on our roads and walk on pavements safely without looking for different routes due to the flooding problem in this area. Therefore we decided to set up this petition and take action. This petition will be delivered to Hertfordshire County Council and Herts Highways team.
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    Created by Rody Ribeiro
  • Stop the Ammonia Plant in Armeria/Cuyutlan, Colima Mexico
    Armeria and Cuyutlan Colima are a small rural area blessed with some of Mexico’s most lovely and important natural resources. This ammonia plant has an intended location on land close to the Estero Palo Verde, the Cuyutlan Vaso IV lagoon, the town fishing boat and beach of Cuyutlan, birthplace of the green wave, to the arrival area of turtles since forever, that is why there is a turtle sanctuary here, and the salt extraction which has a pre-Hispanic heritage, to the wetlands area and mangroves. Presently the environmental impact study in its regional modality and which is being evaluated by SEMARNAT, does not consider these environmental elements of great importance for the environment and or social value. On the contrary, it defines them as areas without value for the conservation. This is putting at risk the people who live in the area of development. This will destroy a National Estuary, the waterways, the means of livelihood for local people and the safety of endangered species. The present environmental policies are being replaced with a Urban Development Program to the detriment of the local people and environment. They are being replaced in favour of the GIANT Coorporation FERMACHEN who plan to produce 3,500 metric tons of ammonia per day!!! This must be stopped!!!
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    Created by Dee durkot
  • Say 'NO' to Russian Backed Nuclear Power Plant in Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka is a tiny country with 23,000 Square miles-Russian backed Nuclear Power plant is not for Sri Lanka!
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    Created by Ananda Seneviratne PhD
  • Save the pine trees in the Alexandra Half Mile Reserve
    It is one of the few reserves in Central Otago, adjacent to Alexandra, with amenity trees, which offer a safe, shaded and sheltered recreation activity area. It also provides much needed shelter to an adjacent residential development from prevailing southerly wind. The only available sheltered trails are becoming increasingly busy and unsafe for walkers and children due to the massive increase and popularity of ebike trail riders.
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    Created by Christine Ridd
  • COP28 must commit to rural peoples' demands for food, land and climate justice
    If humanity is to survive and thrive, people's rights and sovereignty must be the center of sustainable development - not the narrow profit interests of big corporations. The COP28 climate talks is an opportunity for rural peoples to demand reforms that can help stop their communities' displacement, people's hunger, and the planet's destruction.
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    Created by Global People's Caravan On Food, Land and Climate Justice
  • Vidyodaya School: Request for online examination
    Many of the students and their family are suffering from severe health issues as the effects of Brahmapuram smoke issue. The only solution is to stay out of the cause. Many of us wanted to go to our native places but couldn't due to exam schedules.
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    Created by jinumon k.m
  • Welwyn Hatfield: End Fly-Tipping
    Please sign this petition. Fly-tipping poses a threat to Residents and wildlife, damages our environment, and spoils our enjoyment of our Town. By Signing this petition you’ll be sending a message to Welwyn hatfield Borough council to force them to act and tackle Fly tipping in our Town.
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    Created by Rody Ribeiro
  • Against Proposed Rotary Park Hiking Trails Non-Motorized Pathway
    Rotary Park is considered a "Nature Reserve". By definition a "Nature Reserve" is a tract of land managed so as to preserve its flora, fauna, and physical features. People come to walk through the woods to enjoy nature, escape the city, walk their dogs, take photos, hike with family and friends, explore, etc. It is Livonia's GEM. People don't come here to walk on gravel. They want to walk through the leaves in the Fall, the muck in the Spring with their nice rain-boots on to see the Robins and the wildflowers blooming. Those small moments make up the human experience, and they aren't so small once you think about it. Livonia Parks and Rec. should focus on what the actual problems are before trying to add more. Once you ruin something, you can never take it back. It is ruined forever. Next Parks and Recreation Commission meeting is March 1st 2023, at 7:00pm at the Community Center Conference Room at the Kirksey Recreation Center.
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    Created by Emilija Vilkaite
  • Allow owning chickens in Crown Point, In.
    The CDC, USDA, and the NIH have all released reports of growing concerns for global food insecurity due to the impact of climate change. The CDC reports that nutritional value of food is projected to decline due to soil nitrogen levels being suboptimal. Farmers are expected to use more herbicides and pesticides due to increased growth of pests and weeds. As a result, farmers, farmworkers, and consumers will be increasingly exposed to these substances and their residues, which can be toxic. These impacts of climate change on the nutritional value of food exist within a larger context. The CDC recommends adaptation activities to reduce health related impacts of the anticipated food security challenges. Changing the way we go about agricultural practices, food distribution systems, and consumer food choices, also play key roles in solving the global crisis. The USDA also reports that climate change is very likely to affect global, regional, and local food security by disrupting food availability, decreasing access to food, and making utilization more difficult. As part of a highly integrated global food system, consumers and producers in the United States are likely to be affected by these changes. Adaptation across the food system has great potential to manage climate-change effects on food security, and the complexity of the food system offers multiple potential points of intervention for decision makers at every level, from households to nations and international governance structures. The right to have backyard chickens/chicken coops is part and parcel of Crown Point citizens’ right to self sustaining and environmentally sound living practices. Creating a new ordinance that allows residents of Crown Point to own egg laying chickens and coops, is an easy solution to a global concern. Chickens provide a chemical free and organic food supply with high nutrient and protein value to my children at very little cost and work. It is the citizens right to self-determination to procure a secure source of healthy and nutritious food. Chickens are a necessary element to environmentally friendly, self-sustaining gardening practices that promote healthy food security. Food security is a fundamental human right, that is paramount to the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Crown Point.
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    Created by Shayleen Halloran
  • Liverpool: Save these trees
    Once this space is gone and built on, it is lost to this and future generations. Therefore, those who have signed below oppose this proposal, and urge the Council to reconsider the approval of this development and the wanton destruction of these trees by Step Places.
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    Created by Donna Winrow
  • Power outage in Elwak, Petition against KPLC
    Having a stable power is our right and not a privilege. We can't live with constant power outages. We are starting this petition to get over 2k people to sign and share the result with the headquarters and human right for action. Please sign and share as much as possible. After getting the target number we will request KPLC to add Elwak to its national grid to which, if they refuse we shall peacefully do away with KPLC and invite other electricity companies, the past and present leaders are and have never tried to bring a solution thus its high time we as clients to take the matter into our hands and do something.
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    Created by Kullow Ibrahim
  • طلب مقابلة بخصوص مصفاة منجم الفسفاط بئر العاتر
    الإنتشار الرهيب لداء السرطان المميت في جميع الفئات العمرية بالإضافة إلى الأمراض الرئوية وحتى لا ننسى أيضا مدى تأثير غبار الفسفاط المنتشر في سماء القرى والارياف المجاورة على الصحة العمومية وكذلك الصحة الحيوانية
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    Created by Bouzina hamid