• Stop the Ammonia Plant in Armeria/Cuyutlan, Colima Mexico
    Armeria and Cuyutlan Colima are a small rural area blessed with some of Mexico’s most lovely and important natural resources. This ammonia plant has an intended location on land close to the Estero Palo Verde, the Cuyutlan Vaso IV lagoon, the town fishing boat and beach of Cuyutlan, birthplace of the green wave, to the arrival area of turtles since forever, that is why there is a turtle sanctuary here, and the salt extraction which has a pre-Hispanic heritage, to the wetlands area and mangroves. Presently the environmental impact study in its regional modality and which is being evaluated by SEMARNAT, does not consider these environmental elements of great importance for the environment and or social value. On the contrary, it defines them as areas without value for the conservation. This is putting at risk the people who live in the area of development. This will destroy a National Estuary, the waterways, the means of livelihood for local people and the safety of endangered species. The present environmental policies are being replaced with a Urban Development Program to the detriment of the local people and environment. They are being replaced in favour of the GIANT Coorporation FERMACHEN who plan to produce 3,500 metric tons of ammonia per day!!! This must be stopped!!!
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    Created by Dee durkot
  • Bring Angel Sandoval to JUSTICE!
    If it was your pet would you not go to the ends of the earth to make sure justice is served? If it was a human killed, would it not be all over the news? Why is killing animals and animal cruelty not a big deal too?
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    Created by Jade Spiegel
  • Urgent Protection for the stray cats in Plaka forest and on the island of Kos.
    The Cats and animals should be allowed to live with no fear of harm and persecution. They are an attraction within Plaka forest and enjoyed by many. They should not be allowed to be used as sport by callous, evil individuals. We would like a protection order issued and maybe web based CCTV installed in the forest to protect and prevent any more unnecessary harm inflicted on these poor, defenceless animals.
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    Created by Paul Curtis
  • Arrest this man for animal cruelty
    He kicked his dog to death and the police has done nothing. He's got other animals at his address, they should be rehomed and this person should be arrested. Sign and share the petition to demand justice!
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    Created by Justin Nickless
  • Save the pine trees in the Alexandra Half Mile Reserve
    It is one of the few reserves in Central Otago, adjacent to Alexandra, with amenity trees, which offer a safe, shaded and sheltered recreation activity area. It also provides much needed shelter to an adjacent residential development from prevailing southerly wind. The only available sheltered trails are becoming increasingly busy and unsafe for walkers and children due to the massive increase and popularity of ebike trail riders.
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    Created by Christine Ridd
  • Time is ticking to save hundreds of local cats in Jacksonville Beaches
    The situation has gotten much worse for Abandoned Domestic Cats in our County and especially our City of Jax Beach. Now no one is allowed to feed the cats on public property in Jax Beach. because a few neighbors have a problem with it while the majority want to help these cats and actually participate in their care. Where if you live in the City of Jax you can still feed with a community cat program permit, one person per one public park and must maintain rules, TNR and monitor health. The Beaches have no such permit to be a part of a cat program. The Main Issue is this- Anywhere cats are dumped by restaurants, pet owners, and people that don’t want any cats near them In Duval county who are trying to survive and many relocating from redevelopment or abandoned areas are now possibly starving. Ordinances containing inhumane and conflicting rules just started to be enforced -without notice - that no one can continue to feed or care for cats Unless on private property with permission of owner. See COJB cat related ordinances here: https://library.municode.com/FL/Jacksonville%20Beach/CODES/Code_of_Ordinances?nodeId=PTIICOOR_CH5ANCO_ARTIIANCO_DIV3NU_S5-35FECADOOU The Beach Boat Ramp cats a long established and well loved and cared for colony has been effected by the Windward /Beach Marina redevelopment. Windward has clearly now stated no feeding on their property and now there is no where for remaining cats to relocate and receive proper care - which we were told would not happen at last and other City Council meetings concerning this development -Oct/Nov.2022, by both COJB and Windward. See news: https://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/investigates/time-is-ticking-save-dozens-local-cats-jacksonville-beach/OYVO6E6LFFAR5BL6D726XW32Q4/ City wide caretakers have spent their own money to provide food and care are now scared to do anything to help them. Many are suffering PLEASE speak out friends🙏⚔️❤️💫.! On NextDoor below - & 7K have viewed this post in one week 😎⚔️🙏❤️💫♾🥰 Thank you ALL.! https://nextdoor.com/p/pWB92rcRz2Pf?utm_source=share&extras=MzkxODg3NzU%3D
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    Created by Ali Cox
  • Prevent our local authority taking our dogs
    Myself and my husband moved here to Northern Cyprus from the UK 7 years ago. We have since rescued all of our furbabies from the streets here, where there is major problem with unwanted street dogs. The local council are now trying to take our furbabies from us. We have had them all from being puppies, this is there home. If the council remove our furbabies they will either end up in a terrible shelter, be dumped in the mountains to die or be killed. Please help me stop this barbaric behaviour by signing my petition. Anyone can follow our Facebook group karsiyakadoghouse, we are also on tik tok and Instagram.
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    Created by Karen Wells
  • Against Proposed Rotary Park Hiking Trails Non-Motorized Pathway
    Rotary Park is considered a "Nature Reserve". By definition a "Nature Reserve" is a tract of land managed so as to preserve its flora, fauna, and physical features. People come to walk through the woods to enjoy nature, escape the city, walk their dogs, take photos, hike with family and friends, explore, etc. It is Livonia's GEM. People don't come here to walk on gravel. They want to walk through the leaves in the Fall, the muck in the Spring with their nice rain-boots on to see the Robins and the wildflowers blooming. Those small moments make up the human experience, and they aren't so small once you think about it. Livonia Parks and Rec. should focus on what the actual problems are before trying to add more. Once you ruin something, you can never take it back. It is ruined forever. Next Parks and Recreation Commission meeting is March 1st 2023, at 7:00pm at the Community Center Conference Room at the Kirksey Recreation Center.
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    Created by Emilija Vilkaite
    We can’t continue loosing Lives as a result of Wildlife Attacks.
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    Created by JEFF ODERA
  • Malaysia: Ban the "Trap and Kill" method for stray animals
    This method is inhumane and barbaric. We should be neutering stray dogs and cats instead of killing them! We are supposed to be kind to animals and teaching our children to learn the same. Other than that, the good image of a country can be seen from the way it's people treating animals.
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    Created by Joel Chok
  • Help Save Cornwall Flooding in the Pigeon River Country State Forest
    Cornwall Creek Flooding, nestled deep in the heart of the Pigeon River Country Forest, was built in 1966 and has since become a one of the region's most beloved and cherished bodies of water. Cornwall Creek Flooding is one of the area’s most accessible, yet remote, lakes. Over the decades the flooding has attracted locals and visitors across the state to the area to revel in its natural beauty and the abundance of wildlife that call this place home. Some of the most popular activities at the flooding are sightseeing, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, horse riding, kayaking and canoeing. In many ways this place is the pinnacle of all that Northern Michigan has to offer, showcasing perfectly the melding of human recreation and the enjoyment of our natural resources with an appreciation for the environment and its biodiversity. More recently the flooding, in particular, its aging and neglected infrastructure, have come into question. The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), after their most recent inspection in 2019, has classified the dam as being in poor condition. EGLE recommended that the owners of the dam, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), take immediate action to improve the safety of the dam. Initially, the DNR’s reaction to the recommendation of EGLE was to repair the dam, suggesting to the public that as an agency they considered the flooding worth saving. In fact, the DNR even went so far as to refer to the flooding as a “world class bluegill fishery”. In time, and faced with the cost of repair, the DNR unilaterally decided that the cost of repair was greater than the value of the flooding to the community and the wildlife that depends on it, and has opted to move forward with the eradication of the dam and consequentially the flooding itself, based on cost alone. Fundamentally, actions such as this are in stark contrast to the mission and values of the DNR and are in direct contradiction to the public stance the DNR took on the matter in 2019. Historically, in relation to natural resources proliferation and acquisition, the DNR has rarely come up short, financially speaking, when they deem something worthwhile. Cornwall Creek Flooding is worth saving. For more than half a century it has been the home of some of the State of Michigan’s most beloved and revered wildlife. This flooding is an integral part of the Pigeon River Country Forest, from both a human and environmental/biodiversity perspective. Please sign our petition. Let’s raise our collective voice to compel the DNR to do the right thing as it relates to the preservation of the natural resources the State of Michigan already has. It is not okay to annihilate our resources based on cost alone. The implications of such a precedent are far reaching, the impacts of which can only be measured through a historical perspective…which by then will be too late. Please help our cause and let your voice be heard by signing. Please visit our website, savecornwall.org, to learn more about our efforts to save Cornwall Creek Flooding. Here you will find several videos and articles to help proliferate the message that this is a place worth saving, as well as future opportunities to support our cause. Thank you for your support. -The Save Cornwall Team
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    Created by Morgan Wyatt
  • Justice pour snatch
    Bonjour , Nous créons cette pétition afin que justice soit faite , en effet le chien de ma sœur a été tué d’une balle dans la tête et il est mort sur le coup. Il explique son geste en disant qu’il en avait marre de voir des chiens vers chez lui alors que ma sœur été en vacances depuis seulement 2 mois sur un terrain voisin et il n’y avait jamais eu de problèmes, il a dit ne pas vouloir le tuer mais a mal visé, que le chien n’a pas été agressif il été soit disant chez lui alors que le chien est mort sur le coup devant chez ma sœur qui été retourner chez elle à 50 m récupérer ça veste … une avocate nous dit qu’il n’y aura pas de procès car le chien été chez lui ( c’est faux ) et qu’il avait mal visé … nous aimerions pouvoir rendre juste à snatch , le chien de ma sœur et que ma sœur puisse aussi faire son deuil de ce chien qui pour elle représenter tout … s’il vous plaît , faites que l’on puisse avoir un procès équitable afin que la justice puisse être rendu
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    Created by Julie Dherbilly