• Ban Clubbing Events Organised by Nottingham Malaysian Society
    We understand and accept that people have the right to partake in any event they are interested in and have fun in any way they want within the boundaries of the law, but not in the Nottingham Malaysian Society (NMS) or Nottingham Malaysian Games (NMG) names. NMG in particular has been in the hearts of many Malaysians in the UK for decades. It is associated with healthy and fun community events and has received great participation from many, with no need for such afterparty clubbing. We fear that NMG participation will be compromised in the future once such healthy, fun event is associated with clubbing event that does not reflect our values. This is primarily related to the Malaysian Constitution (Perlembagaan Malaysia), which declares that Islam is the religion of the Federation of Malaysia, therefore the organisation of clubbing events by the NMS has evidently violated the embodiment of Islamic values and teachings. It is imperative that social events organised by the NMS align with its core values and Malaysian moral cultures demonstrating sensitivity to religious Islamic values. By doing so, the society can uphold its commitment to celebrating the diversity of its students appropriately. This approach does not only foster more inclusive environment but also ensures that the NMS is viewed positively, both within the university community and on the global stage.
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    Created by Nazira binti
  • Guernsey: Call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza!
    Sign the petition to demand from Guernsey politicians to call for ceasefire in Gaza, and share it with everyone you know! More than 12,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed including more than 4,500 children and babies. Palestinian lives matter too.
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    Created by Aeva Love
  • Keep the Breakfast Boss food truck at Maimonides hospital.
    I fear that without your support the Breakfast Boss will cease to exist.
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    Created by Geoffrey Maugeri
  • Lewisham College: Reimburse Hospitality Students for lack of infrastructure
    We are hospitality students paying for our course therefore we are entitled to a full education. However, due to there being absolutely no structure, we are losing parts of our education. What is the point of paying if we can't get the full education?
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    Created by Michael Ajetunmobi
  • Refund a week's rent for LSE High Holborn residents
    It is important to emphasize the significance of addressing the maintenance issues in LSE High Holborn and providing compensation in light of the broader context of the cost of living crisis, the cold weather, the stress of university life, and the desire for a seamless transition to a new life in London. Cost of Living Crisis: The cost of living in London is notoriously high, and this crisis has been exacerbated by the ongoing maintenance issues in the accommodation. Students living on a tight budget have been burdened with additional expenses for laundry and heating, which they can ill afford. Cold Weather: London's notoriously cold and damp weather during the winter months makes the malfunctioning heaters and lack of hot water even more detrimental. This situation has not only affected the residents' physical well-being but has also added to the mental stress and discomfort they experience daily. University Life Stress: Pursuing higher education is inherently demanding, and students often face high levels of academic and personal stress. The issues in the accommodation, including unreliable laundry facilities and an uncomfortable living environment, have added an unnecessary layer of stress to the already challenging university experience. New Life in London: Many residents of LSE High Holborn are international students or newcomers to the city, and they have chosen this accommodation to ensure a smooth transition to their new life in London. Accommodation issues not only disrupt their daily routines but also create additional stress during a critical phase of adaptation. The accommodation should ideally serve as a sanctuary, providing a comfortable and stress-free environment where students can focus on their studies and adjust to their new life in London. Instead, these maintenance problems have become a significant source of concern and financial strain, undermining the overall student experience. Compensating the residents for these issues is not just a matter of rectifying the immediate inconveniences but also a step towards acknowledging the challenges they face in the broader context of student life in London. It demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that students can fully engage in their studies and relieves them of at least one of the many stressors they encounter as they pursue their education in the city.
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    Created by LSE High Holborn Residents Association
  • Contre le Plan plage présenté le 18/09/23 concernant la plage du Gurp à Grayan et l'Hôpital
    Parce que sur le site internet du GIP littoral, il est indiqué "étude finalisée" et que la mairie "souhaite s'engager rapidement dans les premières actions de mutation de ce secteur" (article du 27/09/2023 : https://www.giplittoral.fr/actualites/plan-plage-du-gurp-renaturer-le-bout-du-monde). En effet, d'après le projet présenté ce 18 septembre, la première étape des travaux est prévue en 2024, pour une première phase de réaménagement en 2025. Or, de l’aveu même des chargés d’étude, ce plan a besoin d’être affiné : aire de funky ball mal positionnée, problème de sécurité pour les élèves de l’école de surf….. Refusons massivement ce plan plage ! Demandons à ce que l’intelligence collective qui émergera des "Assises du Gurp" soit prise en compte par la mairie et ses partenaires institutionnels !
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    Created by Association La Grayannaise
  • Stop the constant unaffordable ground rent increase for owners
    I bought my caravan three years ago to make memories with my children. I live in London and knife crime is at an all time high so understandably keeping my children safe is my priority, buying my caravan enabled that freedom that they don’t have in London. Now like a lot of other owners ground rent seems to be becoming unaffordable. My first years grand rent was £3,800 I am now facing ground rent fees of £6,200. When will this end? why are parkdean driving valuable home owners out.? People are struggling with the cost of living, parkdean seem to want to add to peoples constant struggles.
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    Created by Sarah Hobbs
  • Contre la mise en concession privée du camping municipal du Gurp, à Grayan et l'Hôpital
    La concession fait courir des risques d'évolution du site qu'il n'est pas utile d'aborder ici car, quoiqu'il en soit, nous n'en avons pas besoin. Seule la régie municipale peut garantir la préservation de l'intérêt général sous le contrôle démocratique, et avec la participation, des habitants de la commune. Le Gurp Ensemble soutient l'intelligence collective des citoyens pour imaginer le devenir du Gurp, et non la boussole du profit d'un investisseur privé.
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    Created by Wittorski Le Gurp Ensemble
  • Bring Coach Smoot back!!
    The football team and Coach Smoot have a mutual respect for each other that was built over years of them working together. The past games go to show you the difference it made without him. Please bring him back!!
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    Created by Jennifer McKinster
    As residents, we have a right to drive safely on our roads and walk on pavements safely without looking for different routes due to the flooding problem in this area. Therefore we decided to set up this petition and take action. This petition will be delivered to Hertfordshire County Council and Herts Highways team.
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    Created by Rody Ribeiro
  • Bring Paisanos Back
    Gathering our community support to save an authentic Italian restaurant that brought family and friends together and was an asset to Pacifica.
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    Created by Sierra Cunningham
  • Stop the Ammonia Plant in Armeria/Cuyutlan, Colima Mexico
    Armeria and Cuyutlan Colima are a small rural area blessed with some of Mexico’s most lovely and important natural resources. This ammonia plant has an intended location on land close to the Estero Palo Verde, the Cuyutlan Vaso IV lagoon, the town fishing boat and beach of Cuyutlan, birthplace of the green wave, to the arrival area of turtles since forever, that is why there is a turtle sanctuary here, and the salt extraction which has a pre-Hispanic heritage, to the wetlands area and mangroves. Presently the environmental impact study in its regional modality and which is being evaluated by SEMARNAT, does not consider these environmental elements of great importance for the environment and or social value. On the contrary, it defines them as areas without value for the conservation. This is putting at risk the people who live in the area of development. This will destroy a National Estuary, the waterways, the means of livelihood for local people and the safety of endangered species. The present environmental policies are being replaced with a Urban Development Program to the detriment of the local people and environment. They are being replaced in favour of the GIANT Coorporation FERMACHEN who plan to produce 3,500 metric tons of ammonia per day!!! This must be stopped!!!
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    Created by Dee durkot